For farmers the cost of electricity can be reduced three times

the agriculture Ministry sent to the energy Ministry its proposals to reduce the cost of electricity for agricultural producers whose annual income does not exceed 120 million rubles, the peasant (farmer) farms and agricultural consumer cooperatives, told “RG” in the Department. The Ministry, in particular, requested this category of farmers in the list of privileged consumers, which equated to the population and pay for electricity at regulated tariffs.

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This instruction was given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin following the meeting of the state Council on 26 December 2019. “Ask you to study measures to reduce the cost of electricity for farmers and agricultural cooperatives. People also raised the issue,” he said.

Now small farms pay for electricity about 9.5-10 RUB./kWh, says the President of the Association of peasant (farmer) farms and agricultural cooperatives of Russia (AKKOR) Vladimir Plotnikov. All agricultural producers belong to the group “other customers” – they buy electricity at non-regulated prices. And tariffs for them are determined depending on the voltage level – the lower the voltage, the more expensive electricity.

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whereas for the population (and similar preferential category consumers) has set the tariff at least 3 RUB/kWh. And industrial businessesI pay about 4 rubles./kW, cites Vladimir Plotnikov. “The farmer pays 10 rubles, and industrial enterprise, which is located in the same area, pays almost three times less. Is it fair?”, he said. The expert adds that the rates increase every year since 2015, the average selling price of electricity amounted to more than 25%.

the Issue of reducing the cost of electricity agricultural industry associations have raised repeatedly over the past fifteen years. “In October 2017, the President gave instructions to study this issue for agricultural consumer cooperatives and peasant (farm), then back to this twice. I hope that this time the order will be executed, and for small farmers will be set fair tariffs”, – said Vladimir Plotnikov.