Started the fourth and final phase of the project “Business weekend” — “Accelerator”. Earlier, the participants underwent a one-day introductory trainings, trainings on niche selection and training course “Preaccelerator”.

the stage will be attended by about 400 people, having finished the project and officially registered their small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or having the status of self-employed. At the moment the organizers have received applications from 123 teams, each of which includes from three to five people.

the participants of the “Accelerator” programme will work on the development of business projects in marketing, legal and it outsourcing services, psychology, raspberry production, meat, learning music, painting and foreign languages in online and offline formats. In addition, the course will host young entrepreneurs in the field of clothing design, space, landscape, information technologies, three-dimensional modeling in other industries.

In the first week “Accelerator” for installation teams organise meetings with mentors. They will create an individual action plan within the framework of the course on the development of each project and assign a responsible for the tasks within the team. After that, the participants under the guidance of their mentors, will implement the developed plans. In August for teams will begin on pipeline projects. In it, budding entrepreneurs will present their achievements to mentors and experts to obtain feedback for further improvement of the business. At the final meeting the participants will analyze the results and generate a project development plan for the next six months. To check its performance and if necessary adjust, the mentors will again meet with the graduate program two months after its completion.

the training program also provides master classes from experienced entrepreneurs on relevant to the participants topics. “Accelerator” of the project “Business weekend” will last until August 26.

online course for aspiring entrepreneurs “Preaccelerator” was attended by about 800 students and studentfaculty of the project “Moscow accelerator” presented innovative projects online.