For a fight in the doorway of the kindergarten the lady has been placed under house arrest

Restriction of freedom for 4 months — such a punishment was received by the woman who staged a fight in kindergarten. The court found the Lyudmila Balcova guilty of willfully causing harm.

the Conflict erupted in February 2019 in the hallway of the kindergarten number 45 the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. The woman did not like that one of the moms who tried to get out of the garden with a stroller, too long kept ajar front door. Started a quarrel which turned into a fight.

In the end, the conflict resulted in a criminal case, “Vesti Saint-Petersburg”. According to investigators, Balcova grabbed the victim by the hair, kneed in the forehead, scratched her lip, and top it off several times bombed folding knife on the head. The victim was taken to the hospital, the wound had to be sewn up.

the Court found for secindary a fight in a kindergarten 4 months of imprisonment. Verdict in force has not entered.

a Similar incident occurred in the Northern capital on 5 February. One of the kindergartens there was a conflict between the two mothers. The woman eight times was stabbed in the head the mother of the child, who removed her from General chat in WhatsApp. The victim was hospitalized at the Mariinsky hospital.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”