For 27 rubles Baikal were left without protection from earthquakes and fires

the Ministry of economic development of Irkutsk region has refused to Finance the project. Therefore, scientists will not receive 3.6 million. And all work will be frozen for at least a year.

Photo: Kolybasov Arkady/WG Matviyenko: Baikal should become a Federal territory

Maybe the project is unsound? Or not established scientific basis and do not have the required equipment? Or the reason for refusal were poor design? No, no, no, no! A project of the Institute in the autumn of last year has been declared for obtaining the grant from the Russian Foundation for basic research (RFBR). Authoritative Federal experts have approved the project.

In summary the selection Committee RFBR and said: “the Project is aimed at solving fundamental problems… the authors’ team has all the necessary. There is no doubt that will be obtained important scientific results that will justify financial support of the project”. However – failure.

It was caused by 27 rubles 80 kopecks tax debt to the author of the project – Alexander Sorokin. It was formed long ago, and, according to the law, the period of the penalty has expired. The debt must be written off. It is curious that the information about it appeared on the website of the tax service of the Sverdlovsk district of Irkutsk exactly four days (from 23 to 27 December 2019), when the Ministry was formed the order of the co-financing of regional projects of the Russian Foundation for basic research.

“fiscal discipline is a sacred, – said the first Deputy Director of ISTP SB RAS Sergey olemskoi. But the debt itself was not. We will go to court.” In his words, “the project is extremely important for the Irkutsk region”, so the Institute will achieve its financing.

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the Nature of the Baikal region is remarkably diverse – here and Baikal, with its world’s reserves of fresh water, and rich forests, the spurs of the Eastern Sayan mountains. And all this in an area of high seismicity. Any natural phenomenon – be it fire, flood or earthquake – could result in massive disaster. And showed that the summer of 2019.

every year, the sensors of the seismic stations register from 3 to 7 thousand aftershocks. However, reliable ways of predicting earthquakes has not yet been developed. It is the team of Alexander Sorokin. For Russia, this technique is unique. And when the system is working, it can be used throughout Russia.

However, the Ministry of economic development of the Irkutsk region consider that the refusal of co-financing is justified and scientists “themselves to blame”. In response to the request “WP” indicates that “the Ministry a month before the announcement of the competition was sent a warning that the condition for receiving co-financing is the lack of tax debts”, and the grant applicants had the opportunity to consult on these issues, but they did not use it.

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