At the end of the charm, Christian Constantin and the tenacity of his son, have worn Barthélémy still fruits. Valon Behrami has said Yes to a two-year contract with FC Sion. A year after the Yes to Lara, Well, his current wife, the rushes since then, as Well-Behrami on the slopes.

And, who knows: Maybe the Valais, with its excellent training conditions for skiers with the rash has been that in today’s Kosovo-born in Ticino has been chosen for the theatre FC Sion with a CC at the top. CC has left no stone unturned to convince Lara that the Valais have charms. Since he was the overall world Cup winner in 2016 after their cruciate ligament at the world Championships in 2017 in his private jet from St. Moritz to the Valais and then to Ticino to fly, has developed a special relationship between the two.

As always: Behrami comes back to Switzerland, and as a greenie. Because in the Super League he has never played. As he enters 2003 with a delicate 18 years old from Lugano, then a second-rate FC Genoa, he has contested just two NLB games for FC Lugano. So now he’s learning our Super League which was established in the year, in the Behrami went, to life.

“Huge mentality”

Because of the battle stressed, uncompromising style that has earned him the nickname “the warrior”, is Behrami injury-prone. In the year 2019, the Udinese has been able to ride-Captain just six games with the Friulanern best. The other he was injured. Last, because he at the 2. April broke in the game against AC Milan, the fibula. And all the matches he will not train.

“Valon is a player with huge mentality, a true Leader. A Warrior. One who goes ahead. A personality that was lacking for us. With him and Stéphane Henchoz on the bench, I now have two right Fighter, which will change the types that have been in the wardrobe happy with the Minimum,” says CC on the 83-times the national players. And these character traits should be to bring Sion in the championship, finally, where CC sees his club. Namely, the enlarged tip. “Valon, in his speech, very collective, never talks only about himself. I understand that have supported Petkovic and Kuhn in such a way to him. Be reminded of the game against Brazil, as he has eliminated Neymar formally”, so CC to the “Matin”.

On Tuesday, Behrami already for the first Time in his new Team. the On Thursday, he will be officially presented. Curious one may be, what he will say to his Nati-Out, and the phone Ausbootung by Vladimir Petkovic after the world Cup.

His professional career has Valon Behrami launched in Lugano. From the Ticino, he moved in 2003 to Genoa in the Serie A. Hellas Verona and Lazio Rome midfielder in 2008, ended up at West Ham in the Premier League. Two and a half years kicked Behrami on the island, before he moved back to Italy to Fiorentina and finally to Napoli. In the case of the southern Italians, he had his most successful time, winning with Napoli 2014 the Italian Cup. In 2015, the former national team Star in Hamburg hired in the Bundesliga. He then played two years at Watford. Last Behrami at Udinese Calcio wore a bandage of the Captain.