At the 13. June Irina, the Ex-wife of the ehamligen Russian national team Goalies Maxim Sokolov was murdered in the family home outside of St. Petersburg brutally. Alleged offender is one of their two sons.

According to Russian media, the 15-year-old Arseniy should have committed to report the fact. On the day in question he was running out of the house, and I called for help. When he returned with a neighbor, had both the body of the mother as well as his 18-year-old brother Maxim Jr. seriously injured found.

a suspect becomes entangled in contradictions

Arsenijs according to Maxim, Jr., is. have done the deed. He is the first to have the mother killed, and then on his younger brother went off. This fought back and stabbed him with a knife in the neck, to avenge himself for the death of the mother. However, the 15-Year-old in his statements in contradictions, which is why he was arrested by the police as a suspect.

friends and Acquaintances of the family also believe that Maxim Jr. the perpetrator is. The 18-Year-old model of the two sons was, and with the Recent well problems. All in all, should have considered the family as idyllic.

So idyllic that it is only because of this tragedy to the Public, the Maxim, has participated with the Russian national team in six world Championships (silver 2002, Bronze in 2005) and the 2006 Olympics, and Irina were already before two years a divorce. 2013 ended Sokolov in his career and was the goalkeeper trainer. After a year with Atlant Moskovskaya Oblast, he joined his parent club SKA St. Petersburg, where he has since 2016 assistant coach of the Junior team.

the funeral has already reported

As the Russian TV channel “Ren” took place, was the victim in the cemetery of a small chapel in St. Petersburg, beige. While Maxim Sokolov let his emotions and tears run free, kept his 15-year-old son in the Background. The suspect stood behind his father and seemed very nervous.

Arseniy was able to attend the funeral, because he was released after three days in detention, without charges against him has been levied, such as the Online Portal “Crime in Russia” reports. His brother is still in the hospital and is still not responsive. What exactly is on 13. June is happens, it can probably be cleared up in a couple of weeks. The Doctors hope that Maxim Jr. until then you can talk and questioning, is capable of.