He plays and plays and plays and plays. In a month New England Quarterback Tom Brady (42) is increasing in its 20. NFL season. The best Passer of all time seems to be not tired. As he explained a few years ago, he wanted to play “up to 45”, it was considered that in specialist circles is generally a joke.

Now, Brady has extended his contract to two years. At the end of the contract he would have to work – exactly – 45 years old. He denies this season, all 16 qualifying games, he is the oldest player who does this.

But how does he do it? “I’m more of a thinker than a physical miracle,” says Brady of the magazine “Men’s Health”. It is not so simple: A quarter of an hour of brain-Training, he prescribed every day.

Also important: the food. He’ll eat pretty much the same thing every day, so Brady. “Before the Training, there’s Smoothies from berries and bananas, the Breakfast of Avocado and eggs, for lunch a salad with fish and nuts. For dinner, vegetables and chicken. Snack: Guacamole, Nuts, Hummus.”

don’t sweat on the beach – in full regalia

Without Training it then, but also for the Football-thinker. In the Private training camp in the Bahamas, Brady puts dozens of Sprints in the Sand. Under the noon-day sun, equipped with a helmet, shoulder pads and a Football under the Arm. “You have to train how you play”, says the husband of Supermodel Gisele Bundchen (“you are not interested in sports”) to do so. Again and again he draws his legs, followed by personal trainer Alex Guerrero, who holds him back in a rubber band. With the extension of the contract with a nice salary increase: The Californians deserves next season, $ 23 million, 8 million more than last year – and is paid in order to continue to drastically under.

The man who won in his career six Super Bowls, is in order for next season, namely the number 13 in the salary ranking of the Quarterbacks in the National Football League only. For comparison: the average Passer like Kirk Cousins (28 million) and Alex Smith (23.5 million), as well as better spare men like Joe Flacco (22.1 million) and Nick Foles (22 million) come to similar sums.

For better players, he waived the money

Actually, a joke. Or very clever. Finally, there is in the National Football League, a Team salary cap. Who deserves more, ensures that the team-mate less and less money remains. Means that anyone Who is a bit frugal, gets in return a better player.

So it has kept Brady in the last few years. Whether this will change now? For the next season and the season he should earn more than 30 million. Insiders expect that in the spring renegotiated, the wage will be adjusted again. Down, mind you.

Or he stops completely. With horror Fans have taken in New England last note that Brady and cuffs have advertised your Villa in Brookline, in the South West of Boston for sale, for around 40 million dollars. A sign that the tents in Massachusetts will soon be canceled? A puzzle task for the followers of the Football-thinker.