In the case of the GC-players Long, Salatic & co., riding in the 2014/15 season under Michael Skibbe their morning training best, leaving behind the man who is not happy with his name in the Public a lasting impression.

the Kicker amazement, as you hear a roaring exhaust system of an Italian luxury carriage. A little later smoke lays thick cigar on the training ground.

Michael Th. Black, at that time, in addition to President Stephan Anliker one of the five members of the Board and as an Owner, a lender, a look exceptionally during Training.

In October 2015 Black came from

In October 2015, the man retired with the Around-the-mouth beard. Now the Board showed up, delegate and CEO of the construction giant ADT Innova Group, then one of the Jersey-sponsors, again. And how!

As two independent sources VIEW to confirm, wanted Black buy the record Champions and Losers. He offered the two main shareholders, Stephan Anliker and Peter Stüber, the 47 per cent of the value-keep the papers, in the presence of the now resigned President Stephan Rietiker for the club 14.4 million Swiss francs.

The goal of Black was apparently to sell the club later for 16 million more. He wanted to share in return, all. Lawyer Andras Gurovits, who now performs as Vice-President and one Board of Directors of the Association on an interim basis, would have to prepare the Nickname of the Treaty.

click agree, but Anliker is. Apparently, the Ex-Boss believes that his shares would be worth much.

Black denied an offer

Black-and denied to LOOK. And immediately sends his lawyer to the track. Speaking on the phone from “serious defamatory. My mandate is in no way ready to get involved again financially.” Why these Attempts to trace mixing, Mr Black?

Anliker and click comment on the new Budget of 13.6 million (instead of 20 as before) in a media release: “The provided guarantees are, in our opinion, not to just to be able to perform well in the Challenge League provide.”

some Fans see it that way. In the GC Forum, you go to a fundraising campaign. So far the former Nobel club.