Murat Yakin had pointed out time and again with stress. Had said the Sion-President of sustainable sporting success will go only on infrastructure to meet the needs of the 21st century. Century. But before something could change, was Yakin also not Sion-Trainer.

Then Behrami occurs. At the beginning of July he writes for two years in the Valais. Meticulously portrays him, his mate Pajtim Kasami, of what awaits him in Sion: Inadequate training space ratios. The FC Sion trained here and there. Power and Gymräume are crammed into the catacombs of the hotel La Porte d’octodure. And there is also odour emissions to those of the defective WC facilities.

And everything is very tight in the unadorned Hotel from the 70s, in which players, coaches, journalists, agents, Fans, tourists, business people, etc., the Jack in the Hand.

An infrastructure, which does not reflect the money that CC year of pumping for the year in the team inside. But With the sale of players he brings this money back. Even more: His game Bazaar is an economic model of success.

From the beginning, shocked,

Behrami is shocked. From the first second. He says to THIS: “If you ask me: you Like the training facilities here, then I must reply: no, you don’t like me.” Open, honest, direct.

And then the violation is added. Behrami is used after his ankle break in April to early again. The injury makes itself with vehemence to re-emerge. And when he plays again, against St. Gallen, to acknowledge the Fans of his performance with the Whistle.

And so the relationship with the man ends, of the CC after the Whistles still said: “Valon is for us very important!”, before she could blossom. Because Valon goes to CC and tells him: This is all a misunderstanding. CC puts it like this: “Valon has expressed his Regret that he cannot bring his full potential and his Grinta have to develop. This sporty and Failure, and it doesn’t change our relationship. I appreciated the sincerity of Valon. He is the first to suffer of this Situation.”

The Ticino, for its part, adopted with the words: “I felt that for me it was the best decision my way elsewhere to continue. And this without Regret.”

And CC? Needs to be after the Failure with Yakin and Behrami thoughtful. The result of this In-itself-to-being can only be: the infrastructure of The FC Sion on the Level of the quality of the players heave. Otherwise, success in sports in the Canton of Valais will remain wishful thinking. As always, in the last few years.