On the 17. In may, the Slovenian Uefa Boss Aleksander Ceferin (51) presents the plans for the new Super-League. The new plans are expected to cover a large part of the Reform idea of the Juve Boss Andrea Agnelli.

to be according to information of the “IMAGE” from 2024 in the European Cup everything new:

at Least the Name. Starting in 2024, the European club to hot competitions, League 1, League 2 and League 3. The League 1 will consist of the current Champions League and the 32 Teams.

clubs start in the League 1

Crucial for the first compilation 2024 is a Four-year rating, which is the Cut off from 2020 to 2024.

Instead of in eight groups of four teams in four groups of Eight played. The dates for the games in the group stage would increase from six to 14. Each group of four best qualify for the quarter-finals, the remaining 16 Teams will play against relegation in League 2. The 24 best Teams will be in the following season. Add to this four promoted teams from League 2 (Europe League). Only four teams can qualify through the national leagues, in a direct way. Means For clubs in small leagues, it gets even more difficult to get into the Premier class.

The League 2 should not be discharged from 2024, with 48 Teams, but with 32. Here, too, a Four-year rating is for the qualification. In the League 2 in four groups played. In the future, be able to 20 clubs over national leagues to qualify. Add to this four Relegated from the League 1, four promoted teams from League 3. Four clubs can qualify by your performance in the League 2 for the new season.

The League 3 comprised of 64 Teams. This should be divided into four regional zones, each with four groups. The field of participants is put together each season depending on performance in the national leagues completely new. The four semi-finalists are promoted to League 2.