The traditional season opener in England, the Fans were allowed this year on a special treat to look forward: Liverpool against Manchester City, it is the clash of the two Premier League giants of the past year.

And the sold-out Wembley stadium will not be disappointed. Both Teams are in a duel on a high level, if also not with the usual intensity from the championship. The biggest scandal of the first ten minutes, Leroy Sané, injured after a battle with Trent Alexander-Arnold at the knee and replacing the must delivers.

Shortly thereafter, the Citizens will then benefit from a blunder from Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson (12.), the leaves, a seemingly simple shot from a Raheem Sterling pass. Giant cheers for the Skyblues, which is going to take an early lead. Guardiola is still not satisfied, conceded after a fierce complaint to the Yellow card.

Shaqiri for the closing stages and ran

Liverpool, who turns on after the page change significantly, however, there is no way to compensate. The Torumrandung is involved, however. Three Times the Team of Jürgen Klopp is only aluminium, the compensation would have been justified.

Finally, the compensation then falls still, and it is a Central defender, which provides the 1:1. Joel Matip benefited from a perfect pass from van Dijk and köpfelt his colors to compensate.

Xherdan Shaqiri may still get it, it will move 11 minutes before the end of the process. The Swiss may in the subsequent penalty to send shoot even the first to compete and turns for sure. However, because teammate Wijnaldum to City-Goalie Bravo fails, from Liverpool in the end still empty. City celebrates the first title and start strengthened in the new Premier League season.

When Sané, there seems to be way after the game was already clear. The German will win the title strong, without crutches. The replacement seems to be a precautionary measure, been. (CIS)