Here is the ambitious host. First of all, a night to square one. Then four defeats in a series. There, the ambitious climber. In six Games without a win. Just three points above the line.

“It will be the Derby between two Teams in trouble”, says Sion-Coach Stéphane Henchoz. He himself is particularly in focus. He would be a fifth defeat, especially against the Grenats, survive? “When you lose four Times in a row, you can never be completely quiet,” says the Ex-Liverpool Star to be honest.

“Otherwise, this would mean that this series is no matter. And this is a Job not compatible. We have problems. So, we need solutions. But to expire of this without panic.” And what of the impatient President says? “He is of course unhappy, because the second half against Lugano was miserable,” said Henchoz. And that can mean a lot of things.

“Sion – Servette is explosive,”

But why Sion against Servette is actually the true Romand Derby? And not Servette against Lausanne? Fribourg Henchoz: “Since the big city, the small club from the mountains. There are different worlds collide. The differences between the two big cities of Geneva and Lausanne are much less pronounced. Sion – Servette, this is explosive!”

How right he was. As we look back on 2001. 18. March. At the time, detonated in the Tourbillon immediately adjacent to Servette goaltender Eric Pédat a self-made Petard. It is the 40. Minute. In the Pause, the Captain with balance disorders and ringing in the ears needs to come out. At the time, he said after the game: “I’m in shock! In one ear I can still hear nothing.” Today, he says: “Unfortunately, there are always a few Crazy people that don’t have their emotions under control.”

It is played done, Sion will win 2:1. Instead of a Forfaitsiegs for Geneva, there is a Revaluation. As A Mind Game. It is 1:1 ends. Pédat: “It was totally weird to play without spectators. I was able to hear the instructions of the opposing Goalies all over the field.”

The petards-thrower apologizes later, when today’s sports teacher. So, so Pédat was done with the topic for him.

One thing is for sure: It is banged well in 2001. On Saturday, the mood is heated. As says Henchoz? “Explosive!”

The ten biggest stadium scandals in the Swiss football

referee Bruno Klötzli is a rush of wild betting Inger players and beaten, because he blows the whistle the game in the Tourbillon in the Moment that Martin Rueda is the 1:1 Bay.

A Petard detonated in the Tourbillon immediately adjacent to Servette goaltender Eric Pédat, due to balance disorders in the break out. The game is repeated as a mind game.

After the game, in Kriens CC goes off on umpire Von Känel and his assistant. CC is convicted of a simple assault to a conditional fine of 28 000 Swiss francs for four months, locked.

According to the 2:1 victory of FC Sion CC starts as a revenge for the criticism of him on tele club expert Rolf Fringer, the verb gives him face slaps and a Kick in the butt. He is pulled for a longer period of time from the traffic.

The FCZ, with a goal in the 93. Minute in Basel master. It comes to going on the rampage in and outside of the stadium. The police penetrates in the St.-Jakob-Park, a massive tear gas.

From the FCZ-Block be thrown petards in the family sector of the St.-Jakob-Park. The game needs to be interrupted.

As a FCZ-slob in the direction of GC-curve opens the door and a burning Pyro throws, it comes to riots and brawls. The game will be cancelled and forfeit for GC counted.

After the 4.0 FCL against GC the Abstioeg is. The applied GC-Ultras to leave their sector, demand from the players Shirts and Shorts. The jerseys of the players. The game will be cancelled.

descent candidate GC plays in Sion, and 0:2 in the rear, than from the GC-Dawg pound again and again, fireworks are ignited and on the field flies. The game is cancelled.

Because some of the St. Gallen Fans don’t appreciate the decisions of referee Walter Nussbaumer, do not let him out of the stadium. He is evacuated with a helicopter.