The legal machinations around the Fifa are able to offer advice. The Meeting of Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber with the Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino in the weeks headlines.

Well possible, that Lauber stumbles over this affair. New is also the former DFB President Theo Zwanziger against Infantino complains. Like many other former high-ranking Fifa members is twenty, and, himself under indictment.

The defendants strike back now. After the twenties do this is also determined Sepp Blatter, against because of the 2-million payment to Michel Platini. The trouble between Blatter and Infantino will be extended by a dirty Episode.

The two Valais besiege, since the suspension of Blatter and the election of his successor, Infantino how Ehringer fighting cows. Now a new lawsuit follows the verbal accusations.

“I’m going to take legal action against Gianni Infantino and the Fifa,” says Blatter in the “world week”. Here, Blatter leads a moral harm and damaging media releases of Fifa. It is not just about million. But also to solid.

The world football Association has taken a position to the allegations of Ex-chief Blatter: “Fifa rejects all the unfounded allegations of Mr. Blatter decided, and can provide all the necessary evidence, if he wants to take legal action.”

Where are Blatter’s comments about watches?

Blatter missing, according to his statements, a watch collection. At the time of its suspension in October 2015, he had to leave the office with a Bang. Since then, he has to wait. In vain, as he emphasized. To VIEW information 80 stored (!) Luxury watches from Blatter in the Fifa building.

The Fifa have denied that they are still there. You said that you had been given last August/September to Blatter. The watches are designed to be part of his lawsuit, according to the world week, in the same way as pension Fund contributions, which will accrue to Blatter, according to his own statement.

Blatter, in turn, believes to only have the cheaper watch of the Fifa. It should also be the watches from his time in front of Fifa. In the course of time he bought more. On any given watch that Blatter became the Fifa President, is he not entitled to it.

It is the next round of Blatter’s comments about attacks. Already in December 2018, Blatter Infantino had attacked in “SPORT IMAGE”: “Infantino behind the own people and failure is the confidence of Fifa.” Specifically, it is about the fact that the Fifa rights for 25 billion dollars for a club world Cup with 24 Teams and a world-that could sell a League for national teams. Blatter: “There is now a part of the foot to ball sold out.” For Blatter, it was clear that a sale of the rights to a consortium with Links to Saudi Arabia is only the beginning. He stressed: “they want the world Cup. And the world Cup is not for sale.”

Infantino himself had criticised in a VIEW leaves relatively open, as he spoke about the beginning of his term in office: “Fifa was in the biggest crisis of its history.”

As a symbol image, he described a pension to Carla Hüssy, the wife of the late national team coach, René. Blatter had her from 2007, every month 3000 francs transfer (393’000 Fr up to 2018), and also donations for the Zoofest (120’000 Swiss francs per year).

Infantino: “It is a symbol of a lot of work, like the old Fifa. There are hundreds of millions of francs from this organization have left, as well as “Football Leaks”. And no one cared, over the years.”

PS: problems with watches will get Infantino. He is not wearing on the wrist. (fbi/abö)