Ludovic Magnin: My feeling is not decisive. In the training and the Tests, it looked good. But we must also now show in the championship. Let’s see how it is, when the factor of pressure to be the. At VfB, we have conceded, for example, equal to five goals, the defensive stability we still have to work.

I hope that in this respect, much of Popovic and Nathan. But they are only encountered late in the preparation to us, need a little more time.

He speaks English and wants to quickly learn English. On the field a footballer, not understand, even if they speak the same language.

Who works at the FCZ, it must have the right to come in European competition. Clearly, we also know that six to eight other clubs to pursue the same goal. I’m expecting a tough fight. But we have eleven English weeks less this season, we want to use it. On paper we are stronger. I am convinced that we have got quality in the team and also in the Staff. What also makes me much more relaxed.

I know that I need to improve my behavior on the bench, and my relationship to the arbitrators. If I demand that my players get a step ahead, I need to do that too. I am going to work on me. With the adjustment in the Staff a lot of experience comes in. We have not committed, Alfons (Alfons Higl, the new assistant coach) just to make the team better, but also to make me better.

(laughs) I got it made to me, at least.

… no! I think I have put myself in this drawer. Even if I was sometimes right with my assessments. The way I brought it over, was not good.

There is no tactics behind it. There are emotions. As a player, I was able to make a Tackle or up and down the pitch sprinting. As a coach, I have found no such valve.

no. You need to explain to me what to change. I had to last season is already on the stands, the referee took no Red card.

to change A character is a process, not from today to tomorrow.

He is emotional. But he is with his experience much more than I do.

We have, of course, analyzed everything, even my work. In my one and a half years as a head coach, I was able to experience everything. We were on the seventh cloud with the Cuptitel, with great performances in the Europa League and then the downside in the second half of the season than nothing. It was a crazy time, but I am very thankful for that.

I had to overcome last season 49 games in all competitions. Of course this is not usual and not easy, especially for me as a young coach. I have made in the control error. Of the burden here, I should have down screws. We have probably trained a little too much. As a young coach, you want to cover everything, all training, all practice.

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