Football player Smertin was among the worst of the winners of the Championships in the history of England

English newspaper Daily Star has compiled a list of the worst players ever to lift over a head the trophy of the English Premier League.

There were former players of “Chelsea” and “Arsenal” Alexei Smertin and Oleg Luzhny. Smertin played for the Blues of London at the dawn of the era of Roman Abramovich won his first title at the Russian owner in the 2004/05 season. The coach of the capital club Jose Mourinho is not too much faith in Alex, when the Portuguese, the Russians only twice played the full match.

Luzhny came to England to finish that, according to the source, it was noticeable in his performances. He managed to take the trophy with Arsenal in the 2001/02 season, after four years in London Oleg played another season in “Wolverhampton” and returned to Ukraine.

In the ranking, in which there were eight names, a Latvian defender Igor Stepanov, who played for Arsenal. According to the recollections of former players of the club, he was invited to the team by mistake.