Juventus today, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala. Juve 20 years ago, Zinedine Zidane, Alessandro Del Piero, Thierry Henry, and the boy Patrick Müller. The first Swiss to the Italian giants has left, despite a five-year contract no traces.

And so it comes to commitment: In June 1998, Patrick Müller, the 21-year-old to his second national deployment. Coach Gilbert Gress brings the Servette players in the 78. Minute on the wing. “Actually, I was too slow for the page, however, I must be Mr. Gress grateful,” says Müller today and laughs. Because it hits at the debut against Yugoslavia is gorgeous to 1:1. In the stands, Vinicio Fioranelli sits, the agent and trust man of Juventus is thrilled.

“our Training is robust,”

A few days later, the Italian record champion. “I thought someone allow themselves a joke,” says Müller, “I never would have thought that this world club is interested in me.” No Kidding. Seriously. Eight days later, Müller writes. Juve was for him too much, criticise experts. But he is learning Italian. “A Chance like this only comes once in a lifetime.”

His contract runs from January 1999, but Miller wants to only go in the summer. Juve’s sporting Director Luciano Moggi at the time: “it shows me that Muller is a sensible young man. If he denies the whole preparation with us, will facilitate this much.” He calls him a white Desailly. The prolific Müller, Desailly? Moggi: “With our Training, he is robust.”

“I never played for Juve”

So far it comes! Müller: “I have never played for Juve, not even trained. I was borrowed.” Only two years to GC, then Lyon bought him.

Therefore there is only one Juve-Dress-with Miller’s name. “I have to get it in the signature of the contract”, the current Uefa employees. He believes that the communications would be stored in his basement. However, as an eye-Shirt ask him for a photo in the Juve, it is nowhere to be found.