It grows, with the claim the fullness of the task. Michel Aebischer, the man from fixes Ried, a village (1271 inhabitants) in the Fribourg sense district, on the border with the Canton of Berne, has a similar talent as the man he is supposed to make us forget: Djibril Sow. The Zurich was the best YB player in the Champions League last season. Because he’s technically so gifted that he was able to keep up still, as all two pace level was higher. In its shadow, the Aebischer has also Packed.

Meanwhile, Sow at Eintracht Frankfurt, and Aebischer has no more standing in front of him. He is now the number one in the Central midfield of the master. He pulls the strings. He goes ahead and often in the conclusion, has an excellent shooting technique. And he can grab if necessary, mercilessly. Prefer a tough Tackling as a successful dribble, and the English, has said Aebischer once in the YB-TV. A complete modern footballer. How Real Is Star Toni Kroos. Aebischers Model. And so Michel also chose Andreas Bouranis world Cup Song of 2014 “On us” that has been the hallmark of the world champion, as his own debut song in the team of YB. The Ritual for freshmen.

“I’m trying to the role of the Leaders and to take on more and more responsibility,” says Aebischer on his Job in the Team. “I don’t think I managed to be so bad. At the same time I’m trying to help those who have not done this experience yet.”

22 YB-Boss

Only 22 Aebischer is. The same age as previous Sow. Both are already very young, the bosses at YB. “It’s not about age,” says Fribourg athlete of the year 2018. “But to the people. The personality. Djibi has made the super. I try of course to me there’s something deduction to look at, but at the same time my way. I’m a different person than Djibi and try to do it my way.”

A la mode du chef so. This was because in the school already? Was because of the Capo also Aebischer? “Not at all! There, I was rather Restrained, and I looked that I’ll never get it. That I never have to say something.”
Today, he says, he was making a spell, a bit of looseness’ll make it, even if he was a rather quiet type. In his sayings he keeps a straight face. As to the media conference in Belgrade in front of the millions of game against red star. On the question of what is Miralem Sulejmani (he is from Belgrade, the Red.) the Team of Serbia and red star have told, responds Aebischer: “If I’m honest … nothing!”

New to the man Council

Meanwhile, the voice of the milk-lover, the Superstar Guillaume Hoarau specially took under his wing, even in the man Council is asked for. This is in addition to Aebischer from Hoarau, Lustenberger, Wölfli, from ball moss and Sulejmani. And if the power curve of the Blondschopfs goes linearly upward, is also likely to be the Nati soon to a theme. Heard he got from the Association, nothing says Aebischer. “Of course it is a goal of mine. But it’s no use if I push a little and say, I want to next week in the Nati. So I focus on YB. It’s all of yourself then.”

especially if you have the right combination: talented footballer and philanthropist, so a human friend. “I like being with my fellow man,” says the lover of Fondue moitié-moitié. And he had three Assists as an own goal.

A philanthropic assessment helps learning in team sports. Aebischer can go far. But first, he wants to make Djibril Sow forget.