Reiner Calmund: It would be absolutely presumptuous, one of the German clubs in the favorites role to carry the can. Clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Paris St. Germain, Real Madrid or Barcelona all have a market value of over one billion euros, as there is no German club can compete. Bayern can come far, but you need a luck game, and given the tight-knit squad, none of the absolute performance may injure the carrier.

If you are Relegated from the Premier League gets a lot more TV-carbon as the German master, then this is a part of the explanation. Investors and TV money in England, Spain, France and increasingly in Italy for plenty of capital, with plenty of top players will be fetched. Not a hit in these clubs is always big, but from the market. And Germany lost. We take the examples of Ousmane Dembele and Christian Pulisic. In Dortmund and performance in their new club’s followers. But for the German market to be eternally lost, because they earn too much.

The false start with two defeats will normally not catch up. With Juve and Atletico has two very strong opponents, which are placed in the Uefa club ranking in the Top 5. Bayer Leverkusen’s place.

no, for God’s sake. I have to admit that it hurts me that we’ve won the Cup never. But this has nothing to do with individual people, with Michael and certainly nothing that was a big player in our club’s history. Unterhaching was a black day for all of us. I’m sure we would have lost without the own goal.

Not any more. And if they are, more respectful. Today, everyone knows how hard it is to be “only” Vice. The second best soccer club in Germany – is that nothing?

Aware not at all, you can’t complain nonstop the past. We stood in the final of the Champions League, the way there was an incredible journey, with Successes against Barcelona, Juventus, Arsenal, Liverpool and ManU. For everyone Involved a great event, in the Champions League final we lost very unlucky against Real Madrid 1:2. Here, too, the second best football club in Europe – is that nothing?

In the final achieved Tita, Bum-Kun Cha and Falko Götz the decisive goals. The Trio from Brazil, South Korea, and the release of free idol from the former GDR cost us a total of only around one Million. Ten years later, the gallop of the prices in the amount. Our Brazilian Ze Roberto, who was appointed in 2002 to the Uefa all-star Team, at a cost of almost 10 million transfer fee. He was a super technician, nevertheless, worth every penny.

there was a lot of. Certainly a top due to the Brazilian Emerson place, an incredibly complete footballer, who could all, in both defense and attack. Ulf Kirsten was the top scorer of the decade in the 1990s, his goals were a key building block for today’s Bayer Leverkusen. World champion Lucio, the German captain Michael Ballack and, of course, Rudi Völler, now after almost 25 years, the identification of figure and face of Bayer 04.

about 40 years Ago, we were at the break in the top 2. League against our big rivals Bayer Uerdingen 0:3 back. After the final whistle I was able to celebrate on the stadium microphone through the speakers with the team and the viewers of a 3:3, and thus the rise in the Bundesliga.

in any case. Numbers were always my thing, even as a young guy, I was able to roll over in your head, whether or not the business, the uncoiling, would be a Good or a you can better the Finger. On the industry, I was determined that I have food as well and sold as a later player. During my business administration studies with specialization in Finance and HR I’ve sold in addition to a very successful furniture, so we came up with our little family a little better about the round.

I had it as a footballer, maybe in the 2. League managed. Nothing more than that. But an injury ended early in my career. Since I had luck in the misfortune: the career at the end gave me the idea to try it first as coach and then the Management to enter. So one thing led to another.

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