There are Numbers that can not imagine a normal mortal at all. 430 000 francs to earn David de Gea in the future, – per week. That makes 62 000 a day. Or 43 Swiss francs per Minute. And selects de Gea the best paid Keeper in the world. For the Spaniard it is only necessary in the case of Manchester United is a paper to sign that binds him for another five years at the club in the North West of England.

“We’re lucky to have him in the goal,” says his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who is also glad that the rumors of a Flirt between de Gea and PSG are soon off the table.

Quite as much as de Gea, Manuel Neuer at Bayern. About 34 francs there are in a Minute. But the Keeper is not therefore dissatisfied. Currently, the squad of Munich is not yet sufficiently competitive to new goals to tackle seriously, let his advisors recently announced. Later, in March, 34, do, therefore, after eight years at Bayern thoughts about his future.

Where the future of Goalie-legend Gianluigi Buffon is resolved against. “Gigi” returned last week to his old love Juventus. “When the family calls, the only possible answer: “I’m here”” says Buffon, the last season at PSG, seeking his fortune. It is the Comeback of the year. Gigi’s goal is clear, he wants to finally get the long-awaited Champions League title.

some Of this success can dream of another Gianluigi only: Donnarumma, acted once as the biggest Goalie-Talent of all time, is likely to remain at Milan. Like the “Gazzetta dello Sport” reported, has declared that the 20-year – old national Keeper in Italy ready to help the club, despite interest from Paris – back on the legs after you have been excluded for the coming season from the Europa League.

Rome, benefits, and assumes the direct Europa League place, Milan. The capital city equip. For 26 million francs, Pau Lopez of Betis Sevilla to Rome changes – he becomes the most expensive Keeper in the club’s history.
The most expensive goalkeeper in the world is the way Kepa Arrizabalaga. Chelsea paid for him in 2018, nearly 89 million to Bilbao. The most valuable Goalie in the Madrid goal. 110 million is to be Atletico’s Jan Oblak value.

Sad news there is from Porto. After his heart attack in may icon Iker Casillas can not return to the goal – at least for the time being. Spain’s 2010 world champion will take up a Post in the Porto coach-Staff, “while he is recovering from the health problems,” according to the Portuguese first division team. And the whole football world is keeping their fingers crossed that the sympathy carrier will return once more on the lawn.