The former Captain Marko Basic bites in St. Gallen on the teeth. The first 57 minutes in the defensive midfield. After the coming on of Diani as defense chief. Since Basics to return on the places, the Red lantern has managed two draws. 1:1 against Basics Ex-club Lugano, now on Wednesday with a 0:0 in St. Gallen.

But after the game, the Croatian warhorse limping into the cabin. “It was,” he says to VIEW. A muscle injury to the calf. Trainer Tomislav Stipic says: “It looks good.”

The day after that is Basic in Zurich, the Balgrist clinic and a MRI. The Result? Still secret. It could seem to be a hamstring injury! This would mean a multi-month break. Apparently, the GC would like to obtain even a third opinion.

GC is shaking his Team Leader!