were A world champion as a Material? FC St. Gallen can and must afford it at the moment. The Name of the famous Staff members: Nassim Ben Khalifa.

The now-27-year-old U17 world champion, who rode at the beginning of April, the court will participate in the final training session of the FCSG is tolerated in the Team of Coach Peter Zeidler, only.

The internal training game last Thursday in Bad Ragaz Ben Khalifa is supernumerary. With young man Betim Fazliji he shoots more or less relish on the third Goalie Nico Strübi. According to a training circuit, an empty Ballsack is in the far field outside. Zeidler sends Ben Khalifa, to clean up the mess. A world champion as a material were.

Zeidler says: “We are consistently. Nassim has said that he wants to leave the club. He trained very diligently. From helping as a rights defender, if Nicolas is hit Lüchinger face. Or, he replaced Central defender Milan Vilotic.” However, the cloth is finally cut, despite a contract until June 2020. Zeidler: “I would Nassim recommend to look for a new club.” And with a grin he adds: “The transfer period is still long.”

And what the material says waiting? Ben Khalifa is shaking like in the Hand, and asks what the Are. And then says that he says nothing.