According to the Out in the quarter-final against the one Team that has moved to FC Sion, with the victory in the Cup final in 2017 in a state of shock, remains of the FC Sion in the state.

as before, this 0 charged:3 like a tons of block on the legs of the Valais. And with Murat Yakin Christian Constantin brought a Trainer who has a personal Cuptrauma: three Final-took part, three defeats. It helps, of course, also not really.

And so the Cup-Traumatized, Constantin and Yakin, to continue together on the search of the lost light-heartedness. As she ruled for a long time under Peter Zeidler in the Tourbillon. As it was towards the end of last season under Maurizio Jacobacci noticeable.

you must Now deliver Yakin!

impact on the Standing of the Coaches of the Out has no equal. And a first fragrance brand has left Yakin, by he brought the CC final to heave, finally, the infrastructure on the amount of the annual investment in staff.

This is done. Now Yakin must deliver in the championship. Has researched it enough. Clearly, this is a squad of 30, 32 or 34 players – no one knows – tempting. But at some point it has to end. And at some point you have to know what DNA is inserted into a player.

At the end of the season, FC Sion would have to be on rank 3. He is but barely. Because unfortunately a Team that plays with the light-heartedness, which has lost Sion: tuna is there.