It seemed to be Paradise. The Promise. Saudi-Arabia. A life of luxury. Fat Contract. Million. But all this does not mean that you will be happy. The Ivorians, it is not appear.

in any case, Puncher Sekou Sanogo (30) back in Switzerland. His million contract with Al-Ittihad, the club from the port city of Jeddah, he resolved. Now he wants to assert his rights and claims against the Saudis claim. Sanogos consultant Gianluca Di Domenico confirmed: “Sanogo will go to the Fifa and against the Saudi club approach.”

Such a unilateral resolution of the contract is usually for important reasons on the part of the Kündenden, in this case, Sanogo. Because of these reasons a work can appear unreasonable. Di Domenico says only: “Additional comments, we are not.”

The stint in the desert of the YB-most of the player’s 2018 was short. Only in January 2019, he moved from the club to Al-Ittihad. The transfer fee is said to have amounted to eight millions of francs. Now he is already back.