Johan Djourou (33) is only met in January to join FC Sion. Nevertheless, it is due to its natural leader qualities in the shortest possible time to the voice of the team to become, in addition to Captain Xavier Kouassi (30). “Although I have no right to demand anything,” says Geneva. “I’ve only been in Sion, have made a game in Bern, and me, the same hurt again. No, it is something entirely Different.”

Namely? “It makes me deeply sad that we have to beat us in these difficult times with such mundane things such as our wages, and money around. There are at the Moment, God knows a lot of things! To applaud, for example, the people in the health sector.”

Lack of communication

And yet the urgent concerns of the Sion player, is to present things from their point of view. “It is simply the truth,” said Djourou. And explains: “We have in the FC Sion is a huge solidarity. Therefore, all of the squad players have rejected the proposal for short-time work. But not because we are against it. But because short-time work and fixed-term contracts at this time was not possible. Since we wanted to make a legal error. We are even more Victims go ready. For example, parts of our salary for the employees of the club to donate. The discussed, the team leader is everything a long time ago. It is even our obligation, to bring, in this Situation, victims. Three months without a wage doesn’t hurt most of us. But we also have rights.”

so Where is the Problem? Seydou Doumbia stated: “We will send to 16 at a WhatsApp in which we are invited, until 12 o’clock the next day to sign. Without A Declaration. Nothing. The President has included any contact with anybody. The head of sports, and the Director-General also not. And it’s none of them, sends us this message, but the accountant is.”

Exactly, confirmed Kouassi. “It’s about the communication. We are not rebels. We all love the FC Sion. We love the Valais and the people here. We are ready to help and have clear ideas of how. But the delivery, that was blackmail!”

“We are in a monumental crisis,”

Djourou his wages will not disclose even to paint it for him a pure matter of the heart was to kick in the Canton of Valais. And a matter of gratitude, because he could get into shape in Sion, to have been without a contract had. 7500 francs per month, the 72-times International deserves. As it says in the contract that the VIEW exists. “You see: I’m not even at the upper limit for short-time work. Not in the slightest! Therefore I lose with short-time work and hardly any money. No, it is really only the thing.”

Djourou has even a bit of understanding for President Christian Constantin: “We are in a monumental crisis. He wants to protect but also because he is afraid for his club. We are not at war with him.”

And now? “We have no contract with FC Sion. Us has been terminated. But we are ready to talk,” said Djourou. Doumbia added: “We are open to everything.”

And as you know, in Sion: A crazy turn there is never excluded…

A comment by Alain Kunz

Horny Quieter applause instead of hooting

Here is the money, self-loving egomaniac in short pants. There is the egocentric, self-love Mini-Alps dictator. And the fight on the blood. So far, the clichés. And as far as the ingredients for a wonderful Soap. Tens of sequels are guaranteed!

Only the Story of Christian Constantin’s vs. its employees and Ex-employees has a major shortcoming: it comes to a time in which such disputes are simply dead wrong.

of Course, the stress of both games. CC says, we are in a war, people would die. The dead could not be buried according to. And there would think these “types” (O-tone CC) of your own wallet?! Compliant journalists applaud and support all of the clichés, of which there are only. The crowd cheers and have a rest. Thumbs down for Djourou and co.

justify yourself and your truth, which is usually quite different than those of the President.

Where is the real truth?

We don’t know for sure. Somewhere in there, where it is so often. But actually, this is completely no matter. It what Else matters.

together, your brawlers. Virtual. And talking. CC will take back the stupid time limit without notice, with which he’ll never be, anyway. And the big earner among the players, their announcements come true, on the now legally allowed short-time work, with two month’s salary to donate.

And then, there are not only raging, populist jeering. But to acknowledge the silent applause. A round of applause, which the world is adapted to the situation.