The season 2019/20 starts early. Because Sion said Yes to the suggestion of the Basel, the game because of the Champions League qualifier against PSV Eindhoven to bring forward by one day. Christian Constantin has been very patronizing. He is also otherwise?


“Valon brings you mentality in a team. Pajtim Kasami for example, since Valons arrival much implied. Behrami gives the commands, is the natural chief. Not many players on this planet have participated in four world – and two EM-part. Whether it is against Basel in the starting lineup? I know only, Against Everton he played for an hour very well.”

“He is a laborer, who is kneeling purely real. He is already fully immersed in our object.”

“Did you have a Raphael Wicky last season to square one? I can’t remember. You were wrong, but totally, as most of the time, and it will do the same this season.”*

“would It be of us speak to measure of it. YB has lost some players, but still an incredibly strong Team. Basel was the last very stable. To it ninety percent of a race between these two teams. With a small room for a Surprise.”

“it would be presumptuous to speak Of the title as I said. When Barth says that, then we want to try not to disappoint this expectation.”

“Basel has made in the test play the best impression of all the Super League Teams. The are equipped. We will greatly suffer. I would be happy with just one point.”

“This will be Kevin fickentscher or Anton Mitryushkin. Both have played in the preparation of fantastic and hardly any goals conceded. Since we have a luxury problem.”

“He was crucial in the Transfer of Behrami. He has maintained the contact was Valon very much, as this severely injured. This was already the case with Reto Ziegler and Pajtim Kasami so. Barth has shown that he can be very persistent. The there is for him in this Business is not a ‘no’. Even if a Dossier, the implementation seems still so difficult, indeed, illusory. He gets up at seven in the morning and makes, if necessary, at night to two phone calls.”

“to predict the Impossible. While the master is hot YB or Basel, to not I me. Also not on a few names. One could think about an increase to twelve teams.”

“After the test game from Wednesday between our U21 and Bavois, the System has been homologated in the Tourbillon Homo. The VAR is our best Transfer of the season. Finally, the on with the disadvantages to the FC Sion.”

*the One who’s wrong, fundamentally, is CC. VIEW had the only two compulsory redundant Wicky play well in the first place. In front of Lugano’t Guillermo’s Abascal, the on 1. October followed, and Maurizio Jacobacci, the CC is already on 15. September in front of the door

continued … The Super League starts again! On the season, 2019/20, there’s some weighty and spicy with Changes in the League. How the new rules work, what are the Disposals and entries there were and when and what clubs there play in the big Super League Overview!