At the beginning of the escape from the war. In 1993, the family moved Mehmedi from the Yugoslav Gostivar to the father in Switzerland. Five years of dad Emerli in Ticino lives and is full of risk: In the homeland of the studied was an Economist, Director of a timber company that had 300 employees. In Switzerland, it starts in the stables. After that, he was “the stable boy to the dishwasher, from the dishwasher to pizza maker,” said Mehmedi, the football magazine “11 friends”. And continues: “We lived in a block of flats, four in a 60-square-meter apartment. I got no pocket money, never. The money would not have just passed. A two-franc tip, got my father, he went to buy them bananas or Apples. The conditions were limited.”

everything on the Playground

has Started But one fascinated the boys Arsim and Admir from the beginning: the football. As Admir puts it: “it all Started on the Playground at school, since we have kicked off with a cloth ball. Once a week, always on Wednesdays, when we had the afternoon off from school, we were allowed to join the Kids in Bellinzona. However, the cost of an annual membership fee of 100 Swiss francs. And my dad refused to pay for the. He always wanted to, that I’m successful in school and aside from that, nothing else will be distracted.” In this Moment, his brother intervenes. Arsim says to Sunday view: “I have forged the signature of our father, that Admir was allowed to join in Bellinzona.” An action that is not arrived at the father very well.

But Arsims brother love goes even further: “I went with my mother to work. Have in a I could Bar application cleaned in the holidays, so the money for the annual contribution of Admir.”

at the Time, says Arsim, you have not seen Admirs Talent extremely. As the family comes before the age of 17 then to Winterthur, power Mehmedi the athletes-KV. “A second leg to stand on was always important to me. I was early aware of the fact that a single injury would be enough to finish my dream. And maybe I’m going to need my degree someday too. Also, I could not have guessed back then that I would spend my career in the Bundesliga. If it is ten years professional in Switzerland, didn’t care then, inevitably, executed. Of the money you earn as a professional in Switzerland, you can’t live forever. Some of my former players of FC Zürich of today are going back to normal work.”

moving to the German part of Switzerland because the uncle needs help

In the process of moving to the German part of Switzerland begins with a horrible act. Mehmedi said: “My uncle Hasim led, in 1999, a Local in Seuzach. As he is about to conclude, one Night, around midnight, he is ambushed by armed robbers. You take away all the money, but bad, especially the psychological damage. It is the scene that changed my whole life.”

The ambushed Hasim in need of help. He asks his brother, Mehmedis father to come to him, to support him in the Restaurant, and him, morally to assist. It works – uncle Hasim is well again now, he works with his son in a Restaurant in Wiesendangen at Winterthur. And family Mehmedi remains in Winterthur, Switzerland.

For Arsim is the move to the German part of Switzerland, much more difficult than for Admir. He was 17: “I couldn’t speak English. I have sent applications for back and forth, but was not accepted because of the language.” First, he works with the father in the Restaurant, then in a factory. And now for the past six years as a bus driver in Winterthur, Switzerland. “A great Job, and fills me completely,” he says as early as 2016 in the VIEW.

at the Time, he sits in the Bus, as his brother Admir at the European Championships in France against Romania (1:1) a goal scored. He hears it on the Radio, cheers. “My passengers have been astonished,” he says. “I went in the Bus. The guests asked me what was wrong. I told him proudly of my brother, and all were ecstatic with me.”

“He was protecting me always”

Arsim and Admir talk every day multiple times. “He has protected me always,” says the Nati-Star. In the meantime, both have children, Admir is the dad of Noar and Nila, Arsim of Amir and Amira.

And your good heart you never leave. So he told in an Interview with “11 friends” with a more incredible story. He promised already as a small Boy, an elderly woman, to build later a house, he should be professional. “Unfortunately, this story has become at some point publicly, that was never the goal. But it’s true: I have given the age of Eight, when I was with my parents in Gostivar to visit, a woman that promise.”

The history he describes in this way: “We were invited to the home of the woman, in the context of a wedding. Her house was like a shelter, it was extremely poor. That was something I had seen in Switzerland. At the time, I asked my parents: “Why is it here?” They explained to me that the family could afford nothing else. I said: “If I’m going to one day be a footballer, I build the family a house.””

The Mustafis (grandparents, children, grandchildren – a total of six people) shared two beds in a room. There was no kitchen, no bathroom, reported TV Globi. “It was a stab in the heart,” said Mehmedi, at the time, to LOOK. “It has a purely rained snowed and pure.” His dad would see to the construction of the house, a Macedonian TV station made it against the will of Mehmedis open to the public. “That’s not my character,” says Mehmedi to Sunday views.

Today, Admir Mehmedi hits in the EM-qualification with the national team of Gibraltar. And if a goal succeeds, this one is also a little Arsim, his brother, the driver of Winterthur.