get Upset when you Go. This is the experience of a soldier, Christian Siegenthaler (24) for years in the WK makes, most recently two weeks ago. The reason for his Annoyance: a large table full of food, all still working perfectly but surplus, because the troupe has eaten less than planned.

On the table tin of ravioli can be stacked, bag with instant coffee, boxes of tea bags, mashed potatoes powder or ready-to-rösti. Even a five-pound cheese is in plastic wrap wrapped. “Take as much as you can”, have encouraged the Fourier soldiers, says Siegenthaler. “The Rest I have to throw away.” Something that is forbidden in the army actually. But always re-occurs.

“of Each Fourier has a duty, at the end of the service the leftover food to pass on,” explains Jean-Michel Martin (51), head of catering the army to LOOK. “This means that he is allowed to give food to soldiers or convenient to civilians to sell. Throw is not allowed.”

The food waste of the March bubbles

The army, the issue of food waste takes up – in other words, Food Waste – very seriously, knows no Mercy: “There have been cases that people were made because of food waste in front of a military court,” says Martin.

Back in civilian life, a military trumpeter Siegenthaler, food waste, decides to blow the March. His idea comes in the retailers. To ferment instead of food after you have Exceeded the date of minimum durability (best before date), composted, or burned, to have a wholesale distributor the opportunity to use a portion of their sales area for the sales of food with expired best-before date. Saving potential for the industry: around half a billion francs, as Siegenthaler estimates.

High environmental impact

the potential savings for consumers: 600 Swiss francs per head, such as the Federal office for the environment (FOEN) in a new study has calculated. This means that A family of four could save up to 2400 francs in the year, with careful management of food purchasing. Less food waste saves not only the wallet but also the environment. The FOEN study also shows, burdened alone, Food Waste, the environment half as much as the whole of the individual motorized traffic in Switzerland.

so Who wants to do something for the environment, goes on foot with a bag of shopping – and to suppress the durability of an eye!

This idea is also behind the idea of Siegenthaler: In the eye of history and political science Student, especially perishable food products. Because these are also to enjoy long after the expiry of the minimum shelf life without risk.

award-Winning idea

major distributors, the idea has been very well received, and they point to their own efforts to stop food waste stop. Similar sounds at the IG retail trade: “The Dating of food products is defined by law clear,” it says on request. “The members of the IG detail trade try, whenever possible, to use the Dating information, the Food and minimized Waste.” Initiatives, the MHD to weaken, or to change, are currently not known.

waste is Quite different to the reaction of It is absurd to dispose of products because of a date, which is a guarantee of quality and no safety criterion, writes of the club. “Some retailers are afraid to endanger their Fresh Image, if you sell products after the date.” The minimum durability date guarantees the quality. Food, the also have a second, later date, also on the topic of safety.

His idea has been submitted to the Berner in “5vor12”, the “award for smart regulation” and on 24. October cleared. To the audience his proposal for less regulation liked best. “The victory gives me the guts to seek the conversation with the major distributors,” says Siegenthaler. His Plan: to test In a few pilot projects, together with Migros or Coop, whether his idea could meet with the consumers on appeal.

With these ten tips you make food waste away

with smart shopping you can achieve a great deal. Write down what you need. And you don’t shop on an empty stomach. So they avoid that food item that you do not need.

Often, retailers offer deals such as “3 for 2” or “buy 3, there’s a free of charge”. Don’t let this Lock Offered for sale to tempt you, but you stick to your shopping list. Then you no longer have to buy also, as you can consume. With the exception of point 6 of this list.

you Decide to buy be aware, also carrots and fruits, which correspond to the ideal of beauty. So you mean that in the future, “not be sorted out ugly” copies and thrown away.

wrong storage of food ensures that a large part of the Foodwastes in the household. You buy the right containers, storing fruits in the basement and the refrigerator. This means that vegetables belong in the bottom compartment, the same about meat. In the top floors of the self-made food come out then – so everything remains the longest shelf life.

“best before” is not to be confused with any “use by”. Products that have exceeded the minimum durability date, are often still edible. You convince yourself of, before you throw away the food.

a Few hours before closing time, prices go down. Migros, Coop and co. stick red discount points on perishable Goods. Who comes at the right time (usually after 18 hours), saving vigorously. Motto of the dealer: Dear half-price sale than not at all.

Fun and creativity are a waste in the fight against Food are crucial. Because Even with leftovers, you can conjure up something Great on the plate! Try, try to combine radicals.

Even if, despite all these measures, once something is left over, this is not further tragic. Just fruits or vegetables, you can offer to the neighbors. Or the food offer to your colleagues in the workplace.

By using digital services, you can preserve food before the “bucket of death”. The App “Too-good-to-go” shows, for example, to be offered in which stores leftover food at a reduced price. So you can benefit financially.

Many of the products or dishes you can in the freezer to be stored. About Pasta, Risotto, or stew dishes. But caution: dishes with boiled eggs or protein are not suitable for Freezing. (bro)