“The food supply chains we need to keep in tact,” warns the Minister. “What is not sown, planted, harvested, transported and processed, is missing at the end of the supply of our population.”

Klöckner: “Massive shortage of labour,”

So the “market would suffer from may,” if not now, vegetables to be planted. “Our self-sufficiency in some basic food products over 100 percent,” says Klöckner. In the case of fruit and vegetables, but just under 40 percent.

in Addition, a “massive shortage of labor,” with “enormous impact on our primary production threatened”. In March, Germany need a rule to 30,000 Seasonal workers, may even of 85,000. This is, in the present Situation is impossible, writes the Minister, according to Business Insider.

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seasonal workers are not permitted to travel – is a Problem for farmers

One of the reasons: The Federal government has disposed inside the Ministry, in the meantime, a ban on entry for seasonal workers. Harvest helpers, and other seasonal workers will be denied since this Wednesday, starting at 17.00, in the framework of the existing border controls to the entry. The farmers ‘ Association demanded to keep restrictions as short as possible.

This scheme is valid for entry from third countries, from the UK, for EU countries like Bulgaria and Romania, which do not apply all Schengen rules in full, as well as for States such as Austria, “have been introduced to which internal border controls are temporarily”. As with seasonal workers from Poland and the Czech Republic to be the procedure, is not yet finally clarified.

However, this would be because of the restrictions in their own country anyway difficulties to come to Germany, it said. The restrictions are “absolutely necessary to the chain of Infection to interrupt”.

With 11-point Plan does the government want the food supply to maintain

In the letter, Klöckner, the CDU/CSU and SPD fractions continues: “In the current situation, the maintenance of the food supply is of high importance.” To support the food sector, the Minister wants to be recognized therefore implement eleven measures immediately:

  • The food industry is as a “systemically important infrastructure”. So for operating closures are due to quarantine measures.
  • Seasonal workers are allowed to work instead of 70 now 115 days, to social insurance in Germany.
  • The supply of temporary workers is in the Corona-crisis without the permission of the. The new regulations were important, “to be able to respond flexibly to the crisis and on possible personnel shifts between the sectors of the economy to respond.”
  • Who refers to short-time working money, is allowed to earn, on a transitional basis until the end of October 2020 in addition to income up to the amount of the previous net earnings, without deductions.
  • The additional earnings limit for early retirees is to be raised in the statutory pension insurance and the old-age insurance of farmers has been completely abolished.
  • According to Klöckner, the working hours act is not filed previously to be able to “extraordinary emergencies” such as the Corona-pandemic effectively respond. Therefore, working hours should be handled more flexibly
  • A protection against dismissal for distressed farmers to relieve the burden on the industry: “farmers who have difficulties in their lease to”, shall not be terminated, according to the Minister, until the end of June one-sided.
  • With the mediation platform daslandhilft.de to be secured networked farmers and job seekers
  • by Using a program of the agricultural annuity Bank, the liquidity of the farm sector.
  • you can Now also make use of micro-enterprises from the agriculture, with up to ten employees, the program “Corona-emergency assistance” from the Federal government.
  • The countries will be asked to handle the transportation of food preferred, in order to ensure an unhindered circulation of goods.
  • Klöckner has announced a press conference

    On Thursday afternoon, had Klöckner relative to the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) on the food supply, supply chains, mobility and logistics position. There she assured in spite of part of empty supermarket shelves and shortages in certain industries, such as in the case of fruit and vegetables, the basic needs of the German, but also in the Corona is secured to the crisis. “We are supplied with domestic basic food well”, said the Minister of agriculture.

    At the same time, she admitted on Thursday in Berlin, that dairies were due to high demand and at the same time, falling prices under a lot of pressure. Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to guarantee with a Pact of the logistics industry the security of supply.

    Klöckner: The milk comes from the domestic market

    The various stages in the food chain were working under “maximum load”, in order to cover the “leaps and bounds, and situational” increased demand for certain products, said Klöckner after a special session of the Cabinet of Ministers on Thursday. She referred to Figures from the Federal Statistical office, according to which the demand for rice increased in the past few weeks compared to the period from August to February to 208 percent. In the case of dough, the increase was, therefore, 117 per cent, in the case of flour at 105 percent.

    the milk sector in Germany is currently under pressure, said Klöckner. Although there is a “very increased demand for traditional dairy purchases in the supermarket”. However, milk that would otherwise have been exported have come now to the domestic market. “This has an impact on the price.” In the shelves of H-milk, drinking milk, cheese and also other milk products were currently a spokesman for the dairy industry Association told the AFP news Agency.

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