eat on the street often has a bad reputation. It is greasy, one-sided and unhealthy. Your choice you make in each case, reinforces this statement. With Bratwurst, hamburgers, Pizza & co. they cover about 50 to 70 percent of their energy needs. And this even without a healthy, filling ingredients. Maybe you feel that sometimes, if you have in spite of many of the calories soon to be hungry again. And yet, do not have to shoot for a balance, and little effort for the food only.

tips for a better balance in the fast food

The chick-pea balls from the Middle East are a content-rich and, above all, healthy Alternative to greasy Fast Food. The Falafel is not only a touch of the Orient, but also a lot of Nutritious and Healthy for the body is.

Who are well chosen and well-combined, can take the meals to Fast healthy. Spice up primarily to traditional Fast Food meals. A Hamburger, complemented with a mixed salad, a fruit and mineral water, increases its positive nutritional balance tremendously. the is fresh food better
you can pick in between the fresh food. A fruit bowl at work invites, for example, is a wonderful accompaniment. And if you are planning an evening of conscious compensation, with cereal products, vegetables and salad, are replaced the missing components from the lunch again. the On the market
shopping, you can Use the wide offer on the market. Look for more variety in the selection and try one of the multi-cultural offerings. Foreign dishes such as Falafel, or an Asian menu, are often more balanced than the conventional choice. In addition, many bakeries or Traiteure willing to keep an attractive offer. Diverse arranged salad bowls, Sandwiches on whole-grain base or fruity Bircher muesli from a fast-food rapidly is a well-balanced meal. the Plan your meals
you are Planning a weekly Mix of all these possibilities. So also the enjoyment and the variety in addition to balance guaranteed.

comes in the Morning before work, during lunch break, between appointments – and, and, and: Fast Food is located, if one is in a hurry. Taking a look at the ingredients, cuts quick, but often bad. A VIEW is defined, whether there are healthy Fast Food.