in Addition, you will need to pay an additional the any customs fees. Preferences had caught the alleged smuggler. From A as in artichoke, and W as in wine: everything was under the duty of the food, wrote to the Swiss Federal customs administration (FCA) on Tuesday.

the food were Found in vehicles at border crossings in the cantons of Schaffhausen, Thurgau, St. Gallen and Basel-city. On Saturday, customs officers found in Basel in the trunk of a car 278 litres of undeclared wine, 40 kilograms of meat and 85 liters of olive oil. With the goods on the road, two Portuguese and a Brazilian.

was Also caught on Saturday in Riehen BS, a Swiss who wanted to bring 80 kg of meat duty unpaid to the country. 105 kg undeklariertes meat of beef, veal and pork, an Englishman in the car, also wanted to enter the country on Saturday in Widnau SG, Switzerland. The meat was confiscated.

A veritable selection of duty-unpaid products of Swiss in the vehicle, the on 17. April, after the border in Tägerwilen, TG was crossing controlled: 80 kilograms of meat, 50 kilograms of dough, 30 kg of cheese products, 22 liters of olive oil, and 8 kg of tomatoes and artichokes.

At the 13. April finally, of the customs in Thayngen SH stopped three Bulgarians with a larger amount of food in the car. Including the 72 kilograms of meat, 62 kilograms of rice, 26 kg of salad velvet 23 kilograms of salad, sauce and 11 kilograms of bread.