In August 2010 opened in Geneva under the company Capomondo the first Luigia Restaurant its doors. The scene: An old Garage that could not find a tenant. Luigi Guarnaccia (56), founder of the restaurant concept with multiple locations, breathed to the empty location to life.

Today, the 56-Year-old leads together with his business partner Enrico Coppola six Restaurants in French-speaking Switzerland, one in Dubai and new another in Zurich at the Talstrasse. “We now have almost 250 employees,” says Guarnaccia in an Interview with LOOK. Further, he says: “The building we choose for our branches, you must always have a soul.”

And as the two Italians to come to their localities? “With a lot of patience and always with close direct contact to the owners,” says Guarnaccia. To find the right premises for the first branch in the German part of Switzerland, three years are necessary. Similarly, it took a long time in Lausanne is: the Luigia is located in the former cinema Atlantic. Other locations in German-speaking Switzerland are not currently planned. “Our main target is up to date, sophisticated Zurich customers with our Restaurant satisfied.”

The two owners cook themselves

The Luigia has a family Background. “It’s the Name of my great mother, but also the one of Enrico’s grandmother,” says the owner. It is a tribute to the dedication of these two grandmothers, who prepared for you for hours of meals, your boys have sometimes only a few minutes at the table. “They were always pleased to extend a warm welcome to us and to pamper us with delights, in which much love was there.”

The native Italian, who lived a long time in Geneva and now at the lake of Zurich lives, themselves at the stove. Unfortunately, he had but often too little time to conjure up delicacies alla Nonna, as he told. Business partners Coppola spends, however, his everyday life in Restaurants and is always to be found in the kitchen. Guarnaccia got to know him thanks to a mutual friend in 2003 at Coppola’s Restaurant in Turin. “First of all, he was my pizza consultant in my Restaurant, which I had opened in Geneva.” In 2011, Coppola was a co-owner of Luigia.

“Gourmet Restaurant with lower prices,”

On the table Restaurants fine Italian specialities come in the Luigia -. In addition to Pizza, Pasta or salad for guests, Appetizers or main dishes to consume, such as Luigia Cordon bleu boneless ham and Taleggio filled. The Pizza selection is large: The Luigia tastes with Buffalo mozzarella, smoked scamorza cheese, mushrooms, ham, truffle cream and fresh truffle. The dough is made from imported Italian grain.

“Louise is a Gourmet Restaurant with lower prices, which works as a middle-class Restaurant,” says Guarnaccia. According to the founder of the successful by the volume of their “Oversize-Restaurants”, as their localities great offer swiftly place. The authenticity of the Italian cuisine remains intact.