The Australian Food blogger Belle Gibson (27) must answer in court. The Australian has built a career as a Wellness Guru, after you claimed it can cure your brain tumor in the final stages by using a healthy diet and alternative medicine. Only Gibson had never had cancer. With her cookbook “The Whole Pantry” and an App-generated Gibson around 280’000 Swiss francs. They claimed to donate a portion of the revenue to non-profit organisations – however, this claim turned out to be a lie.

After several media Gibson 2015 exposed as a liar, was charged with the fallen Blogger-asterisk 2016. In 2017, a penalty of 410’000 Australian dollars, the equivalent of about 280’000 Swiss francs has been imposed due to breach of consumer law.

a few days Ago, Gibson had to take the column in front of the Federal court in Melbourne, Australia. They showed up in a pair of sunglasses from the luxury Brands Saint Laurent and needed to put her in – and output in the open, such as the Australian platform, “The Age” reported. In court, she claimed that she could not shell out the approximately 280’000 Swiss francs.

penalty can’t pay in the holidays

Gibson to fly already was in tears, you look around after work, but will not be employed and considering bankruptcy. Only stupid, that you could afford obviously expensive holidays, So Gibson has traveled with her eight-year-old son two years ago to Bali and received during the voyage three of the payment of 1000 francs on your account. Who they were and what they were made, could not explain Gibson. “I would have to speculate, and I don’t want to,” she said.

Unknown financed you and your son

Gibson did credit card debt in the amount of approximately 20’000 Swiss francs. In the past two years they have spent, according to the judges, approximately 60’000 Swiss francs, of which, among other things, about 9000 francs for clothes, accessories and cosmetics – although it has taken only 24’000 Swiss francs. “I don’t think these Numbers are right,” said Gibson before the court.

To travel the questions of the judge after the financing of a number of domestic and foreign travel-in-law you. Gibson stated that she was invited to a vacation in Africa: This paid Clive Rothwell, with him and her son live together. A Couple of you were not only friends, but he’ll lend Gibson sometimes money, so your bizarre statement. You don’t know what Rothwell do for a living. As a source told “Daily Mail” revealed, not to vote for it. So Rothwell for Gibson’s son is already since years as a stepfather.

Should refuse Belle Gibson to continue to pay the penalty, she faces a long prison sentence. (kad)