an Important feature of this vote is that this is not an election in the classical sense, there are no candidates and staffs who have the right to appoint observers.

to Coordinate their work entrusted to the public houses, using them to send representatives of the party and various organizations. “Unlike the practice of carrying out election campaigns, observers of the Public chamber may not be one and not two, and the number that is assigned by Federal or regional chamber. This is important, we are interested in the fact that the observers were in the polling station, and where it passes out of the room,” – said in an interview with “RG” Maya Grishina.

Observers may be present during all procedures apply to the Chairman of the precinct election Commission (PEC) with suggestions to get acquainted with the documentation, take photos and video, to monitor the counting of votes to obtain certified copies of protocols.

They will be present in home-based voting. According to Maya Grishina, members of the PEC in this case obliged to provide places in your transport at least two observers.

All regions of Russia a little less than 100 thousand, there are small, equipped in remote areas. Large areas – about half of this number. “Then, of course, observers need more”, – said the CEC Secretary.

the Public chamber of the Russian Federation preparation for observation began in March and all this time took statements from the candidates, told “RG” Maxim Grigoriev. “Now we have a system of public chambers recruited more than 200 thousand observers. This involved more than a thousand community organizations throughout the country,” he said. Yet the process is not joined in full political parties, they expect great activity. “We will have more than half a million observers – an unprecedented number,” said Grigoriev.

the Training of observers is conducted taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country. “We have reached an agreement with the Central election Commission, its Chairman, Ella Pamfilova confirmed that all our observers will be provided with means of individual protection in full. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to be tested for coronavirus as well as members of the PEC,” – said Maxim Grigoriev.

Four of the seven days of voting will work. “Of course, this complicates the work we have to use more people, but the system of public chambers will cope with it”, – said the representative of the CCRF. “Every day, multi-day voting observers will be at the polling stations and participate in the exit poll,” said he. This year the CCRF for the first time is preparing to monitor remote ��fashion vote, which will take place in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region. According to Maxim Grigoriev, the work will attract representatives of both regions, including people with a technical background. For a list of candidates and developed a number of techniques. “Now we have them approved. We will exhaustively to observe electronic voting,” he said.