American pop star Taylor swift released a new album “folklore” and broke several records in the music industry. While the album was not accompanied by an advertising campaign — Taylor swift recorded it in the quarantine, and then just announced the release on Twitter. Boris Tells Drums.The release of the new album, Taylor swift has become the largest event in the “postaveni” era in the music industry. Artists around the world are deprived of the opportunity to tour with such major acts as Taylor swift, do not carry the world on their expensive stadium show and don’t earn on concerts. The musicians had to focus on recording, and many have already demonstrated the results of their quarantine of creative activity. With the release of material recorded locked up, hurried such diverse figures as The Tiger Lillies, Ludovico Einaudi, Chromeo and Norah Jones, but the artists category And Alicia keys, Bon Jovi and Sam Smith chose to move their long-planned releases, hoping for a pending surge in buying activity.On July 24, the day that went “folklore” Taylor swift was the scheduled release of the new album of Kanye West dedicated to his mother, who died in 2007. Interest in the drive was a side effect of the political activity of rapper — he decided to run for President, and in parallel almost divorced his wife Kim Kardashian. With such introduction of competitors, the artist could not be. Later, however, apologized. Since then, their relationship is like a smoldering scandal, ready to ignite at any moment. At the last moment the release of the new album Kanye West has been postponed indefinitely, allegedly due to a bout of bipolar disorder in the artist. It is unlikely we will ever know whether the decision of Taylor swift to release without warning, their new album is due to insider information from a Stan of Kanye West, but it is clear that long-term opponent moved out of the way for the sensational release of the singer.Information about the release of the album “folklore” appeared in her social media for 16 hours before its release. In a tweet, announced album, “folklore”, it was said that the co-author of Taylor swift became a musician of the band the National’s Aaron Dessner. With the stars postpone The National pop star swift has been a long-standing friendship. In 2017, she included two songs in a playlist of your favorite songs on Spotify. They coexisted there with Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, The xx and Bon Iver. That is love for the fact that the U.S. is classified as “alternative”, came the swift yesterday.Aaron Dessner scored at the beginning of the lockdown, writing together with Michael Stipe (ex-REM) in tune with the times, full of aching sadness of the song “No Time For Love Like Now”. It is possible that it was for Taylor swift the impetus for collaboration with Dessner. In allwhom in the case of the chronology of events it is not contrary to — their collaboration began in late April.However, that tragic flaw which attracts attention to “No Time For Love Like Now”, the songs from “folklore” no. Taylor swift grows up, but as we know from the recent movie “Miss Americana” (see “Kommersant” on 21 February), wants is to be the cause of someone’s discomfort, and more than anything needs approval. Among the new songs, no pop-Vengerov, and the right of journalists to Billboard that the first reviews of “folklore” wonder: “What will it be in radio format “Top40”? She will play at the next MTV VMAs? What are the sales figures in the first week she targeted?”However, with numbers all is clear now. For the first day of release the fans listened to “folklore” record 80,6 million times on Spotify and of 35.47 million times on Apple Music. In the global Spotify chart 8 out of 10 top positions also took songs from “folklore”. According to the latest figures, which led to Billboard, for the first three days it sold 500 thousand digital copies of the album “folklore”. It surpasses first week of Juice WRLD album “Legends Never Die”, which is still considered the best sales in 2020. Taylor swift confirmed its status as the only performer with more than 500 thousand copies of the album sold in its first week.This happens with the album, for which the brilliant Taylor swift produced eight black-and-white cover art in the spirit of Scandinavian black metallers. With the album, the first single of which “cardigan”, she shot a video in a swampy melancholic tones. With the album in respect of which use the terms “chamber”, “introspective” and even “Gothic”. Should not be afraid. It’s not pop music from the bedroom, though it relies not on the bit, and the muted piano and quivering strings. The video for “cardigan” is still very expensive and inventive, and the instrumentation for “folklore” was recorded in ten different cities — technologies allow.In turn, with Aaron Dessner on the songs worked long-term partner Taylor swift Jack Antonoff. He definitely knows how to please her fans. We have a pop products with a view to the broad masses. Chamber quarantine album, she only pretends. And if suddenly to make a splash failed, Taylor swift could always say: “do Not judge strictly, I was just sketched out on the piano, alone with his thoughts. Look, I’m even the album title written in small letters”.