8. July 2017 was a fateful day for the just 20-year-old fodboldtalent Abdelhak Nouri. A gloomy day.

During a friendly match against Werder Bremen collapsed suddenly on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest. Then he was put in artificial coma.

But now he is completely miraculously woken up after almost three years in a coma.

This writes the Dutch media AD.

It is the player’s brother, Abderrahim, who have shared the joyful news, and tells that it goes well with the former footballer.

The long time in a coma has, however, made that the now 22-year-old Dutch moroccan, has suffered severe brain damage. Nor can he move his arms or speak, why communication is largely done through the eyebrows.

Abdelhak Nouri has almost gained legend status among Ajax supporters after the accident in 2017.

Among other things, they gathered in hundreds in front of the players ‘ home shortly after the accident.