In the new Dogcast episode, Sarah and Mike talk to Doc Polly about torture breeding, animal welfare, working conditions as a vet and much more. An intense and emotional episode.

It was an incredibly emotional post from Tanja Pollmüller, known through RTL and her Instagram account as Doc Polly. A few days ago you could experience her on Instagram without make-up and privately. With a statement that moved animal lovers all over Germany. Sarah was also very moved by Polly’s three-minute video.

Reason enough to invite her to the first episode after the summer break. Sarah and Mike got very close to Doc Polly in this episode. What was the reason for Polly to talk about torture breeding, about animal welfare, about working conditions as a veterinarian, about hate on the internet, about the fear of just having an opinion? In this episode, she explains all of that and shares with us the insane challenge of being a vet.

Certainly one of the most intense episodes since this podcast has existed.