the Statement must be sent to the tax authority at the location of legal entity or place of residence of IP. The electronic form can be presented in particular through the taxpayer’s personal account on the website of the FTS, and in paper form – by mail.

the Grant can be obtained once for partial compensation of expenses connected with carrying out in 2020 of interventions for the prevention of coronavirus. The amount of the subsidy is 15 thousand rubles, and on 6,5 thousand roubles for each worker in may 2020. If the PI has no employees, the subsidy will be equal to 15 thousand rubles.

to obtain the subsidy, the applicant must meet a number of conditions. So, it including needs to be included in the unified register of subjects of small and medium enterprises as at 10 June 2020; to work in an industry that requires according to the decree of the government support for the prevention COVID-19; not to be in the process of elimination, his attitude should not be entered bankruptcy and haven’t made a decision on the forthcoming exclusion from the register; the applicant is the PI on the date of the receipt of the grant was not to stop the activities as an individual entrepreneur and not be deregistered with the tax authorities; as of June 1, 2020, the applicant must not have debts for taxes and insurance premiums more than three thousand rubles.

the criteria for obtaining subsidies applicants can check through a special service, there you can track the progress of already submitted application. Besides, on the website posted on the promo page with information about the conditions to receive the subsidy, its size and the procedure for the award.