Flying explained why she's always using official position

the Audience loved and knew her through the program “Revizorro” on the channel “Friday” – the Flying checked restaurants across the country and recommended where to go, and what better of a nose not to stick. Then Elena has prepared a new show “the Sweeney” – on the First channel came out with a few of his releases, and two films TV journalist, devoted to the problem of debris, after which the presenter often could “meet the Network” channel “flying supervision. Uncensored” on YouTube, quickly became popular among consumers. But “flying surveillance” moved to TV and will be aired on the channel “CHE!” 16th March at 22.00 on Mondays and Tuesdays. “This time under a sight of poor quality services, manufacturers of products and goods that we use every day. In each edition of the project “flying surveillance” Elena will talk about the rights and responsibilities of producers of food and other goods, that may require the buyer from manufacturers and retailers, implementing these products, and show by example, how to restore justice” – said in the annotations of the program. Browser “RG” asked the lead more.

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When you did the program “Revizorro” you were one of a kind. Today, all television is a continuous market basket: on all channels verify, investigate, advise…

Elena Volatile: For me the most important thing it to be honest. That is to say that the project really tested and not just doing advertising. It was, incidentally, one of the reasons why I did releases in the digital space, because the channel many brands that are inviolable. In most cases, they is hidden, and people watch it, and they have no choice. So it turns out that they are hostages to this story.

For me the main thing – be honest and interesting. If someone else does, let them! The most important task and the producer and host become more interesting and best of all. Why I stay in this niche? Because people trust me. After the program “Revizorro” this confidence left. And I’m happy that I was able to earn it with their work.

you Have in the Internet draft has no ads at all?

Elena Volatile: Advertisement no. You see, when it is present, and I first launched the project in social network “Vkontakte”, where we had very good views. The first series gained a million! In the second season, is there – our sponsor was one of the taxi companies, and we especially emphasized. But in all that concerned products, inspections, and other things, there is no advertising.

Introducing a new television program, you talked about the fact that the common man has no money, time or opportunity to check, for example, the products.

Elena Volatile: the First season I started fully for their money. It was expensive because I didn’t show. Otherwise, it would be from the Internet to television did not take. But, of course, when I wanted to shoot the second season, I needed the money, because even if you do check in five or six programs out of ten, the cost is in the millions. We put all the results of the laboratories the subject, which of these laboratory tests does. Please, if someone wants to test, the laboratory is always on the phone, and we discuss it in detail.

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What happened to the show “the Sweeney” on the First channel?

Elena Volatile: Out four issues, and then we closed it so I decided together with the Director-General Konstantin Ernst. My only condition was that I can’t often fly. I promised assistants, and indeed took them, but the fact that these people on the ground, few people consider. All just wanted, to I came. We couldn’t go on reputation risks. Besides, I knew I couldn’t do it and will go back to the state when healing the wounds after “Revizorro”. Health for me is more important.

now you can fly?

Elena Volatile: I do not fly a lot. Only in their business Affairs. But the shooting trips I have. Schedule it on the set – very heavy. All of their shows I shot in Moscow.

What do you think about the interaction between TV and the Internet? The fact that you’re back on TV, does that mean that for him the future?

Elena Volatile: I am a television person. And it is always very funny, when you compare, because everything, even the most successful bloggers, I want to be on TV. This does not mean that digital Playground bad. She’s good and she now rented and TV shows, and documentaries. But for me, as a professional, the content is always divided into good and bad, wherever he was. There is a TV series that shoot specifically for digital space if they are interesting, I’d love to be there. But the television – it was, is and will be. And coverage it has in our country is much higher, because in Russia a lot of poor people who get 15 thousand rubles per month. Most of them do not have computers. I mean the average age. Of course, all online, phones. So now head tos hard to say that TV is dying. This is not so. Yes, of course, digital-Playground – big, it took a lot of budgets. But this development, without which nothing happens.

And your show, as I understand how things will change for television, but will remain on the Internet?

Elena Volatile: Everything we shoot, it will be broadcasted on television. But we will have an extended version on the Internet, where it will be a little bit more liberties from me. Because television, unlike the Internet of things does not allow. But content and meaning will be the same.

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will be Removed if you releases of “Flying surveillance” about coronavirus? About Greta Thunberg?

Elena Volatile: About Greta so I could make a separate removed – for example, a movie. I am generally interested in topics of ecology, and I like travelling man exactly notice that the climate is really changing. And when they say that nothing is wrong. We arrive in one country, where usually the sun and the rain and cold. And Vice versa. Everywhere is changing the temperature regime, even scared of what’s going on. And even more frightening is that no country really is not doing anything globally. Indeed, if the ice is melting and warming will be, we will all suffer from this. You know, when nobody thinks about the future generations, and everybody’s just for themselves – this is very disturbing.

I would love to see the your program.

Elena Volatile: I Have two films that are called “No trash in my head". They came on the First channel, and I was very interested to take them off. Unfortunately, the channel is not ordered anymore.

It is quite possible that the “flying surveillance” this theme will continue? Or holding “STS Media” will get you something separate on this subject?

Elena Volatile: We were thinking about it. For example, STS was a project not to throw away the banners, are made of eco-friendly bags. And we with designer Alexander horn became ambassadors of this campaign. And, of course, slowly we are doing something. I am also the Ambassador of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) with its own children’s educational project “the Wizard Lexicon”. We have now started to write a series about the unique places in Russia and about the animals that the children knew that too.

5 April at 12.00 at STS there is a new family quiz “Children-ancestors,” in which two competing generations: children from 10 to 16 years with relatives from 50 and older. Are you going to fight it – ask adults tough questions about twenty-first century, and children of the past century. As you will have enough for two shows?

Elena Volatile: Understand, this is not a permanent production of “revizorro” when I spent five years traveling the country without interruption. Show “Children-ancestors” is removed in Studio units: spot 10 days in a row. And then I do other projects. “Flying surveillance” we shoot the same way. Themes developed, shot and pass on the channel. That is not twisting, and I can combine. You know, I was at that age and in that status that my schedule be so that I have time and have a family. Of course, for all my weekend meets my husband. I laugh all the time, because if the schedule is to trust me, the weekend will not be there. Husband joking all the time, like Lena, I will send you to a special circle, you’re going to sit there and say, “Hello, I’m Lena and I’m a workaholic”. And he is very a long time could not understand why I work so hard. And then said, “I understand. You’re just a fan of his work because she likes you”. There is a famous phrase: choose a business you love, and you will never work a single day. I say all the time that nobody knows continue: if you have a job you love, you won’t have any more output. There’s no other way.

In restaurants, hotels, shops, Elena Volatile waiting anxiously: you know that can lead to clean water. Photo: courtesy of “Che”Literally

“I wanted to stay in the niche of checking”

“When I left “Revizorro”, I found a few formats that I wanted to learn in the TV space. If you wanted to stay in a niche reviewer. Because I really like to bring to light. Earlier I checked only hotels and restaurants, and now also producers. Why I start to do this? Because very interested in the quality of the products. I once watched a scene at a private event, and there were producers and buyers. The first ever cheated on the second. And I wondered why no one checks. It is very difficult and expensive. Check one product to five items can cost from 300 thousand – who are able to afford this?

We check the goods of the consumer basket, and now I have everything in the refrigerator in accordance with the rules of the “Flying surveillance”. And the husband laughs, “Well, now you and the fridge came from, we now will have nothing”. The show is running. There are brands who don’t like that we tell them what they are prepared foods. And there are brands that looked and requested laboratory studies. And then understood. For me the important link not only with the audience but with the brand. Often the manufacturer can make a good product, and the store keeps it wrong and it loses its properties”.