Flurry of calls CNN praised the suspicious contacts Putin and trump

MOSCOW, April 18/ Radio Sputnik. American TV channel CNN has suspected Moscow of using the situation with coronavirus to normalize relations with Washington, told the newspaper “Sight” with reference to the material of the channel.

the article said that from 30 March, the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump talked on the phone four times, which is a kind of record.

during the talks they discussed the situation with coronavirus and the oil market.

Frequent contacts between the two presidents lead to risks for the United States, say U.S. analysts. In their opinion, is “part of a long-term Putin’s plan aimed to undermine the US credibility as an important player in the global system, undermine our alliances, and then create more long-term sources of tension between trump and his team of national security”.

According to the Director of the Kennan Institute Matt Rojansky, Moscow is using the situation with coronavirus for the normalization of Russian-American relations. However, he added that “this does not mean that international cooperation in a pandemic is wrong.”

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed details of Putin’s conversation with trump.

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