Floyd Mayweather, who will be in 2017, the gloves, the hook is hung, it has to be a new challenge. The 43-year-old American will be one of the world’s best bokstrainers to be.

now, was Mayweather is trained by his uncle Roger Mayweather, a former world champion, who last month passed away. “Following In his footsteps, I want to join”, you know Mayweather on Friday during a video on Istagram, that he found his 14-year-old nephew, respectively. “I want to be what help he gave to me throughout my career and has helped. Also, it coronapandemie made me think about the way I do something for someone else can be of help. I just want to add something to their lives and to help them to their full potential and to develop their potential.”

“I’m putting my first steps as a coach, and I only have a few inexperienced, and what worked, we have to learn to work together. However, I can already promise you that I will be one of the best trainers in the world and the word.”

for example, If a boxer was “Money” Mayweather over the camps in a long time. He was the WBC champion at the supervedergewichten, WBC champion in the lightweight, WBC champion in the superlichtgewichten, IBF, WBC, WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBA champion of the welters and the WBC and WBA champion, from the lichtmiddengewichten.

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