Floral traffic from Abkhazia: Mimosa massively lucky in the regions

On the Russian-Abkhaz border has begun mass importation of Mimosa. Russia has already received about 90 tons of acacia flowers silver. This year’s flower boom don’t expect delivery was halved. Due to severe frost, much of the harvest was lost.

the Machine with fragrant flowers at the end of February was seen at the border. Like any other goods, flowers are also tested at the customs post. This year businessmen of Abkhazia filed a Declaration for the import into Russia of more than a hundred tons of Mimosa. Half have already reached the destination, a boom is expected in the eve of March 8.

Appeared on the border and flower market, “Vesti Sochi”, where the Mimosas sell kilograms. Per kilogram of flowers asking about 500 rubles. In Sochi, the standard bouquet of offer for 150 rubles, however, the local Mimosa was not surprised — the trees are blooming in yards and along roadsides.

it is Worth noting that Sochi is a transit point, flower traffic continues far into the regions.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”