Landshut One set of parents, the care home, five children because of the Corona-crisis at the Moment, neither for the school nor in the day-care centre. And suddenly the whole house is on fire!

at 10.30 am, the Alarm goes off in the 5000-strong community ground churches (lower Bavaria). A detached house is up in flames. At the last second, the mother, Elsbeth C. (35) can save them, with one of her young (8) to the outside.

firefighters in the fire ruins photo: Theo Klein

The father, Sven C. (46), tries desperately to bring the other children (three boys between the ages of 1 and 4 years of age and a twelve year old girl) out into the open. Three children were upstairs, one in the basement. The father can’t make it, losing in the fire of hell on the stairs because of the toxic fumes consciousness.

Boy (4) dies in accident, his father in the hospital

firefighters get the father and the four children out of the house. A child is responsive. The other three, and the father must be reanimated. A Boy (4) dies at the scene of the accident. Three rescue helicopters to bring the severely injured to the hospital. But the father can’t save the Doctors, he dies in the afternoon. Two of the three children were in the evening still in a critical condition.