We’re all drones with Autonomous through the air nozzles as in self-driving cars are sitting. Experts agree: At this year’s annual press conference of Daimler in February, the chief Executive officer Dieter Zetsche said -: “Together with the Start-up company, Volocopter, we develop mobility in the third Dimension. This year our flight taxis launch in Singapore.” It will take some time before such services were widely available. “But,” says Zetsche, “the prerequisites for a successful future in the present.”

discharge in a traffic

Daniel Guffarth, study leader and mobility expert at the düsseldorf-based management consultancy Horváth & Partners, says the Autonomous a big future for drones: “as early as 2025, flight taxis will transport in large cities on the first specified routes, passengers.” Especially in the megacities that are sinking every day in commuter traffic, could ensure the flight taxis for real relief.

airports and malls to connect

a World leader in the development of vertical take-off, fully electric Multirotors as an air taxi Start-up companies Volocopter from the German Bruchsal. As investors, the Chip-giant Intel are in addition to Daimler, from Santa Clara (United States), as well as a number of other companies joined in. Also with the airport of Frankfurt, close cooperation was agreed.

“Together, we will develop concepts for the ground-based infrastructure and the operation of air taxis to airports,” says Yi-Chun, Sandy Chen, spokeswoman for digitisation and service issues at Frankfurt airport. “The so called Volocopter Ports could connect in the future, nodes in cities – is also a connection from and to Frankfurt airport to be tested.”

Exceptionally quiet

Volocopter was 2018, the world’s first company to receive approval for a manned all-electric flights and also in Dubai in September, the first public flight of an unmanned two-seater in the downtown traffic had taken. The double seater 2X has 18 rotors, with which he should move exceptionally quietly. Supposedly the 2X causes a 75-meter distance, just so much noise like a small helicopter at 500 meters. The range is 27 km.

reality is Cheaper than normal Taxis

So from the Science-Fiction must such Autonomous flights of Drones, but affordable. Together with a consulting company Volocopter has calculated already in the future driving and flight prices. For the six minutes from the Stuttgart airport to the neighboring Bietigheim-Bissingen 57 euros were calculated, around 65 francs. You would set the range with a conventional Taxi back, there is a need under favorable conditions, 30 minutes, and would pay the 90 Euro, i.e. more than 100 Swiss francs.

Hamburg is one of the four test areas for the small, electric-powered up-and-comer of the Volocopter. With them, the way from the airport to the city centre would take only three minutes – instead of today, for at least 30 minutes and around 35 Euro cost. A line of traffic is expected to be from 2025.

Lucerne – Not only in Germany, research on Autonomous flight of taxis, but also in Switzerland: US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has completed with the help of our Swiss subsidiary, Aurora Swiss Aerospace from Luzern, a first successful test flight. The electro-air taxi that resembles a small aircraft, able to cover distances of up to 80 km and offers space for up to four passengers.