A midtbanetalent from Norway and a hot Swedish striker.

Brøndby IF is not on the let side in the hunt at the nordic talents to the first team. Thus Superliga storklubben linked together with a Norwegian midtbanetalent and a young Swedish striker.

Particularly the Norwegian midfielder Kaloyan Kalinov Kostadinov at only 17 years as a player at Sandnes Ulf, has aroused Brøndby IFs interest, you can hear in this week’s edition of the podcast ‘transfer window’.

It is the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, which has returned to Brøndby IF is one of several interested clubs. From Swedish Fotbollskanalen you can read that vestegnsklubben also have scoutet the attacker Oskar Fallenius in Brommapojkarna.

It’s the Swedish club’s team he will play for, Peter Kisfaludy, which tells, that the Brøndby-scout John Mills has seen the 18-year-old Oskar Fallenius in action on several occasions since last summer.

most Recently, he was present when Brommapojkarna met Hammarby in the Swedish cup on Sunday to see the U19-national player from Sweden.

“I sat down with John Moller and they think that he is very interesting. They are interested and have followed him for a long time now. They think that he has an international cut, and he is very skilled,” says sportschefen in the Swedish club, which plays in the third row.

According to B. T.’s information is Norwegian Kaloyan Kalinov Kostadinov, however, immediately a major talent, why Brøndby can expect competition from other clubs if they want to have their fingers in him.

The 17-year-old Norwegian with the Bulgarian roots play on a daily basis in Sandnes Ulf from the second best Norwegian series, and in addition to Brøndby are Molde and Stabæk supposedly also interested in to associate with him, writes Aftenposten.

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