Pakistan and Afghanistan have blocked rooms due to the Kashmir crisis, your air. Several flights have been redirected to (LOOK told).

Now, several readers are reporting that a number of flights from Bangkok to Europe were cancelled. Thousands of Europeans – including SIGHT-reader waiting at the airport. “You have informed us that the India-Pakistan conflict is the reason,” says a reader.

“We wanted to be on a Friday morning back in Switzerland. Now we have to spend the night at the airport. New information will be at 09 am local time,” reports the reader.

The mood was left – the VIEW-reader says cynically: “We just wait and see! Waiting is better than in India to be shot down”

The conflict over the Region of Kashmir is coming to a head again and threatens to escalate. After the Downing of the fighter jets by India and Pakistan concluded on Wednesday its air space. The neighboring Afghanistan, moved to and under any Overflights said. (pma/SDA)

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