The sea is far, the road to Europe for some migrants but a lot more. Even with falling temperatures, some try to escape via the Mediterranean sea, at least 2.119 you have not done it, according to the statistics of the refugee works, UNHCR and IOM this year: they are drowned or are missing. The number is increasing almost on a daily basis. In the future, you can hope, however, of a civil society-driven ship to be supplied. More and more charitable organizations send ships to the Mediterranean sea or from close negotiations on new ships.

in order for your months ends a long forced break. In the late summer, when experience start, according to many people the Crossing, temporarily, not a single civilian rescue ship: Italy and Malta had seized several ships (Iuventa, Open Arms, Lifeline) or without concrete reasons (Sea-Watch 3, Seefuchs). Other ships were in flag disputes and wait for clarification (Aquarius 2), or in the meantime have a machine damage (the Sea Eye).

NGO-ships on the Mediterranean sea

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date: 28 Blocked. November 2018
source: marine traffic ONLINE

boat refugees, this meant that they were, in particular, picked up in front of Libya, either by the Libyan coast guard and brought back, or more or less alone. Merchant vessels passed, a fishing boat passed, and also EU ships passed. Research by BuzzFeed News, according to EU-ships in the Mediterranean sea, mission, Sophia, refugee boats identified in June, not only people from the Mediterranean, rescued in July, only 106. In the previous year in the months of more than 1,500 people. Although the number of boat refugees to return was estimated, the decline is in no relation to the decline of the rescues. Also, in the future, is not a particular commitment of the Sophia is in sight: the end of The year, the Mission should end.

do the German flag for the more diplomatic protection

now That civilian rescue vessels return to the Mediterranean sea, with diplomatic efforts, with a change of strategy of the organisations.

24. November the ship Professor Albrecht Penck of the Sea-Eye began his first Mission. It is the first civilian search and rescue ship with a German flag and the German approval on the funds is going to be the sea. So far, German NGOs had registered their vessels in foreign ship registers, because they allow you to register as a Sport or leisure boat. This is much cheaper and less time-consuming, but led to repeated problems. Of the German flag, the Sea-Eye promise “the greatest possible protection for our crew members and the rescued people,” said spokesman Gorden Isler. Whether the flag will make in future disputes, a positive effect is open. The law of the sea experts doubt this, however, German authorities had already helped at a time When the Malta blocked the in the Netherlands registered Seefuchs months, supported by the Federal Foreign office of a change of Flag to the transfer of the ship to Germany.

Many sailing yachts instead of large ship

the NGO Mission Lifeline wants to change her strategy. Your ship Lifeline was seized because of a judgement against the Lifeline-captain Claus-Peter Reisch as evidence. Reisch, a non-registered ship should have controlled. The Lifeline is registered as a Trawler, but how many other private rescue vessels as a sport boat at the Royal water sports Association of the Netherlands and not in the Royal register of shipping. Now, the organization relies on real sports boats – more precisely, on sailing yachts, which will lead you to a fleet. In October, the first test took place already travel to the Libyan coast, meanwhile, three of the sailing yacht have made owners of their boats for the fleet. As soon as a crew is available and the weather permits, probably in the early summer, wants to leave the fleet.

Also new international cooperation: aid organisations from Italy, Germany and Spain have joined together to send together, the Mare Jonio, on the Mediterranean sea.


returned To the Mediterranean sea, also the Sea-Watch 3 and the Open Arms. The Sea-Watch 3 was set after a routine shipyard stay in the port of Valletta in Malta. The Maltese authorities doubted the legality of their flag, and prohibited a re-leak. The allegations proved baseless and Malta left the ship four months later. The Spanish Open Arms was also recorded and is free again: In March, the Italian public Prosecutor’s office members of the crew suspected to have aid to illegal Migration.

Sea-Watch 3, Open Arms, and Mare Jonio currently the humanitarian flotilla #united4med. Together, they support the Spanish fishing boat Nuestra Madre Loreto, taken last week, twelve shipwrecked. The Nuestra Madre Loreto gets since then, no safe port assigned to it, and got in a storm of trouble. In addition, their fuel and food reserves to go to the end.

Other organizations are planning to return soon and to see for new ships or flags. Youth Saves, the ship Iuventa is seized, want to buy a new ship. And the Aquarius wants to sail again as soon as it has found a suitable flag.

Here, you can, without claim to completeness, to understand the current Status of the individual NGO-ships.

Civilian rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea Watch 3: After the forced break back to the sea On a Mission Sea Watch Dutch flag ship register location: Mediterranean size: 50 × 12 meters capacity: 50 – 500 persons

From November 2017 to January 2018 rescued the crew of the “Sea-Watch 3” about 1,500 people without major incident. The problems came when the Italian transport Minister, doubted the ships on Twitter the flag status of the civilian Rescue. In June, the “Sea Watch 3, a delivery” for a routine shipyard stay in the port of Valetta in Malta. Once there, the time blocked tesischen authorities for months, a re-exit. You doubted the flag of the “Sea Watch 3”. The allegations proved to be baseless, Malta was free of the ship again. 20. October, drove it to Spain for maintenance on 22. In November it launched a new rescue mission in the Search and rescue zone in Libya. Keep track of the current Position of the Sea Watch 3.

Professor Albrecht Penck: The first Mediterranean mission under the German flag On a Mission Sea Eye German flag ship register location: Cuxhaven, Germany size: 39 × 7 meters capacity: 150 people

The research vessel “Professor Albrecht Penck” is the much larger successor to the “Seefuchs” and “Sea Eye”. As the first civilian search and rescue vessel for the Mediterranean area, it has a German flag. The NGO Sea Eye is hoping that the German flag of a larger diplomatic protection as with the Dutch flag. 24. November put “Professor Albrecht Penck” in Rostock his first rescue mission, in mid-December, the ship will arrive in the Mediterranean sea. Keep track of the current Position of Professor Abrecht Penck.

Mare Jonio: A collaboration of NGOs from Italy, Spain and Germany On a Mission Sea Watch Italian flag ship register location: Libya size: 38 × 9 meters capacity: 100 people

The ship Mare Jonio comes from an Initiative from Italy: the Mediterranea. For activists, trade unions, and parliamentarians have joined together and by Crowdfunding a ship bought. The ship was fast, but not the Expertise. This in the case of taxes, the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms and the German NGO Sea Watch. Sea Watch helped with the equipment, was the Equipment available and also a member of the crew. On 4. October, the Mare Jonio started your first Mission. Keep track of the current Position of the Mare Jonio.

Open Arms rescue swimmer from Spain On a Mission Proactiva Open Arms Spanish flag ship register location: Mediterranean size: 37 × 10 meters capacity: 400 persons

In September 2015, a committed Spanish lifeguards moved spontaneously to Lesvos and rescued the shipwrecked refugees literally with their bare hands and swim fins. From the Initiative of an NGO namnes Proactiva Open Arms with their own ships over the years. Since July of 2017, the “Open Arms” is their flagship. It was always in the headlines For their missions, she was threatened several times by Libyan militias and in the spring, the Italian public Prosecutor’s office confiscated temporarily. At the beginning of August, the ship waited for days with 87 of the refugees on Board, a port on the European create. Ultimately, it was in the port of Algeciras in Spain. In mid-August the ship left the port. Currently, Open Arms is in the Mediterranean sea. Keep track of the current Position of the Open Arms.

yacht fleet: sailing yacht-fleet ship Inactive Mission Lifeline German flag sport boat register location: n. n. size: sailing yachts of 12 meters capacity: n. n.

Instead of a big rescue ship will take Mission Lifeline in the future, a number of private sailing yachts to a fleet and the Mediterranean sea. A test drive at the end of October has shown that a sailing yacht, in principle, to the Libyan coast and First aid. For the next travel have declared, according to the Mission Lifeline already three more owners willing to make their boat available. In January 2019, the so-called Crewing, so the selection of the fleet, the crew begins. As soon as the weather permits, probably in early summer, will launch the fleet for your first Search – and-rescue mission.

Aquarius 2: The largest civilian rescue vessel in the Mediterranean SOS Mediterranée Liber set of flag ship register location: Marseille, France size: 77 × 12 meters capacity: 200 – 550 people

In the summer of 2018, the “Aquarius” was the last and largest civilian rescue vessel in the Mediterranean sea. At the time of their Mission in August, the Crew rescued a 65 refugees and brought them to the port of Marseille, France. Since then, there are a number of problems. According to Gibraltar, Panama withdrew the ship, the flag, now it carries on a transitional basis, the Liberian flag. In the long term, other to but, the organization is currently in negotiations. In addition, the Italian public Prosecutor’s office wants to determine, as against 24 members of the Crew and the ship fitting can, because it will potentially have hazardous waste disposed of illegally. The seizure of the French judiciary’s responsibility; this checks the request from Italy. The charities SOS Mediterranée and Doctors without borders speak of a criminalization. Keep track of the current Position of the Aquarius 2.

Lifeline: the Maltese charges of Bank Mission Lifeline Confiscated Dutch flag sport boat register place: Valetta, Malta size: 32 × 8 meters capacity: 300 persons

The “Lifeline” was formerly called “Sea Watch 2” and a rescue ship of the same organization. In 2017, the Dresdner auxiliary organization’s Mission Lifeline bought the rescue ship went, even on missions. In June 2018, the ship was caught in the headlines: It had taken 234 refugees, and could create for days and days to any European port. As had been explained, several countries willing to receive refugees, to put it on Malta. Since then, the ship is seized there, and the captain, Claus-Peter Reisch, a process to be running. Malta accuses him to be a false flag certification, and; the vessel is a Trawler, but as a sport boat in the Netherlands registered. 2019, a judgment should fall. Keep track of the current Position of the Lifeline. Keep track of the current Position of the Lifeline

Iuventa: Since 2017 Seized without charges youth Saves Dutch flag sport boat register place: Trapani, Italy size: 33 × 7 meters capacity: 200 people

2015 founded young citizens of Berlin on the Initiative of the youth to Save and bought a Crowdfunding campaign for a fishing boat. In 2016, the “Iuventa” started their first Mission, and saved in the following two years, 14,000 people on the high seas. In August 2017, the Italian authorities seized the ship without any reason and accuse of the auxiliary organization in cooperation with gangs. An official indictment today there are not. Youth Rescues attempted in the meantime to the court against the seizure; in April 2018 your objection but failed before the court of cassation in Rome. Since August of 2018 is also known that investigations against ten members of the crew of the Iuventa run. The organization collects money for the legal defense, is preparing a lawsuit before the European courtshof for human rights and want to buy a new ship. Keep track of the current Position of the Iuventa.

Seefuchs: On the way home to Germany Inactive Sea Eye German flag ship register location: Valetta, Malta size: 26 × 6 meters capacity: 150 people

The “Seefuchs” had always been a political story: she was for decades part of the GDR fishing fleet, after the reunification, it was to research and tradition of the ship, starting in may 2017, the Crews of the “Seefuchs rescued” more than 5,000 people from the Mediterranean. After the “Seefuchs” on 21. June in the port of Valetta in Malta delivery, it can’t be more but for months. The port authority blocked the exit and demanded an end to the search and rescue missions and other than the Dutch flag in the boat register. Since the 19th century. November, the Seefuchs is wearing a German flag and is allowed to drop, according to the port authority again to return back to Germany. There Sea Eye wants to sell the ship. Keep track of the current Position of the Seefuchs.

Sea Eye: With machine damage in Malaga Sea Eye stranded Inactive Dutch flag sport boat register place: Malaga, Spain size: 26 × 4 meters capacity: 150 people

The “Sea Eye” is the first ship of the same organization. The former fishing vessel is registered as a sport boat in the Netherlands and drove it for several missions in the Mediterranean sea. After Italy had not challenged, in June of 2018, the flag status of the “Sea Eye” and the Netherlands is no longer declared to be then responsible, waited for the ship first in port at Hammamet, Tunisia, to a clarification of the question. Meanwhile, the “Sea Eye damage is to be” a machine and is located in the port of Malaga in Spain. Basically, the ship is to be sold back to Germany and there. Overall, the “Sea Eye had saved” more than 9,000 people. Keep track of the current Position of the Sea Eye.

TIME ONLINE Overview last updated on 28. November has isolated to 10.53 p.m. Infobox rescue The Situation in the Mediterranean sea

Europe long time ago: Will Europe be overrun by Refugees from North Africa? No. Already since the autumn of 2015 has turned Europe into a fortress of our own.

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Less helpers mean more Dead: Private rescue ships in the Mediterranean to help the smuggling gangs, say EU politicians. However, an evaluation of the position data shows that The helpers follow the rules.

Europe’s new border: refugees, will move Europe to its limits and is not afraid of no dark shops. The defense zones up to West Africa.

“We will never bring any back in this hell”: Italy has made the coordination of search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea to the Libyan coast guard. The rescuers will bring in a legal and moral conflict.

“migrants are a business for many Libyans model”: Tortured and enslaved – migrants and migrants in Libya, Inhuman. There are no rules to stop the tractor to a halt, says migration expert Leonard Doyle.