the Country is actively preparing to exit the isolation. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said at a speech in the Federation Council, said that 17 regions of Russia is ready to lift restrictions. Began to open businesses, construction sites, shopping malls. However, the revival of the real sector – like a Phoenix from the ashes – might not succeed. And not just because the economy is paralyzed by a crisis of demand. Normal recovery industries interfere with the officials responsible for this recovery.

the Removal of restrictions on enterprises turned even more restrictions compared to the “peaceful” period. Under the motto “as if something did not work”, authorities have imposed various safety regulations that fulfill them is simply unrealistic. Authorities it’s convenient: if something goes wrong, for example, will a new wave of infection, from them bribes are smooth. “We were warned” – says they will remain on their thrones.

Construction, with its multiplier economic effect has become one of the first industries that started after the quarantine. But the work of the builders ordered according to strict rules. Masks should be changed every two hours. Also on the site must be a doctor. And that’s every two hours crane at a height of several tens of meters, where in addition it no one should care about the change mask. Each building needs to poach on the work of medics, which the country lacks. Meanwhile, developers are concerned that their workers are not hurt and the building was not closed for quarantine. But officials don’t trust them, imposing impossible requirements.

same with air transport. From June 1 restored air service between the cities of Russia. In the middle of summer is expected to resume flights to other countries. Now the Ministry of transport and the CPS is busy preparing the rules of transport security and submit them by the end of may. I can only imagine what will be there. Now the flights are reminiscent of footage from the disaster movie. Flight attendants in full riot gear: masks, overalls and diapers. As soon as they are ready to faint from lack of air… Passengers must remove outer clothing and put into the pack over the other, although the bacteria can be carried on shoes. Airlines are afraid that they will be forced to increase the distance between seats, or sell seats across one seat, and that the cost of refurbishment and loss of profits from ticket sales. Of course, this will affect the cost and air freight will be out of reach for most Russians.

But air transport is the safest from the point of view from the point of view of the spread of infections. On most modern aircraft the air refreshed every three minutes. Air is extracted from the hotpart of the engine (where it is heated to hundreds of degrees) and mixed with air from the cold loop (where its temperature is hundreds of degrees in the minus). At these temperatures, the bacteria do not survive. In the salons are powerful filters that purify the air up to the level of sterility in the operating room.

the Impracticability of sanitary and epidemiological requirements are observed at every step. People try not to approach each other, wearing masks, stormed the pharmacy in search of medical gloves, but also thoroughly fulfill all the requirements just not. Take supermarkets. There lined distance at the box office and showcases that must be met. And here is the multimeter reaches a length of queue for each cashier, but the buyer turns out to be between his cashier and the next for a very unsafe distance.

In Russia, with the enforcement of any rules and regulations has always been a problem. And live: officials write the laws, and the population figures out a way to break them or not paying attention. It seems that powerful people rules of the game are quite satisfied. The indiscipline of the people it is very easy to use to our advantage, because the blame is always the perpetrator and no one questions sumasbrodka rules are broken.