29 February is sometimes called “shimmering” day: it is what it is not… But more often you can hear a different symbol: Kasyanov day by the name of monk Cassian the Roman, whose memory, according to the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated on 29 February (new style the name day of this Saint falls on March 13).

In the Church literature of Cassian is written is very good. The future Saint was born into a noble and wealthy family. From a young age showed a love for science (among other things — philosophy, astronomy) and to the Scriptures. Wanting to better learn Christian doctrine, he went to the Holy John Chrysostom to Constantinople. Later he accepted monasticism and went into a desert place, where long time he lived in solitude, exhausting himself through hard work. Subsequently he made a long journey, visiting many monasteries and founded in Massilia two new abode. Saint is the author of several theological and ecclesiastical works.

Quite a different view on Kasane developed at our ancestors “to life”.

“Kasyan Scythe with his eye for a year jinxed”.

“Kasyan three years, drunk, on the fourth sobers”.

What’s he in for?

— for translating the name Kasian — not the euphonic “empty”, “empty”, — told the ethno-researcher Simon Peter. — It has long been a legend. It was once Nikolai Ugodnik and Kassian on the road and saw stuck in the pit cart. Heard asked the driver for help, Nicholas hurried to the rescue, but Kassian left to stand on the sidelines, afraid to get dirty in the mud your clothes. As a punishment for arrogance, it was determined over the day of his name day to celebrate only once in 4 years. From such discrimination and became Kassian to be angry.

From old times came to us and more sinister beliefs. In them the image of Kasian identified with the character of the Lord of the underworld — the man who transformed into folk tales to the Wii, in Koshchey Immortal. According to folk “polyvalent”, almost all time he sits motionless, his huge eyelids hanging down to his knees, closing his eyes. Only once in 4 years — that on 29 February, he is entitled to contemplate the ground, with her long eyelids. And Woe to those who caught his eye! This man is waiting for every misfortune, and even death.

According to another legend Kassian commanded all the winds that supposedly holds the usual twelve circuits for the twelve locks. However prognuvshis, it can locks open, chains to disengage and release the wind to “walk” on land. And not just to walk, but to bring Mor!

So, in the current epidemic of coronavirus not some secret lab to blame, and Kassian-Koschey?

No wonder that there were numerous superstitions, practices which are designed to protect the person from Kasianov’s “negative”.

for Example, to avoid the slightest chance to run into him, you need the whole day on February 29 to sit at home to read prayers or even to sleep.

in Any case impossible to begin on this day any new business, purchase new things or to lend. But to get rid of old, unnecessary things — just a very good time.

Also, according to our ancestors, February 29, categorically not suitable for marriage or divorce. Those who against the advice still married, then you will be unhappy in family life, as dare to divorce, “on Kasyanov day,” then never will be able to find a suitable pair.

By the way, “wedding theme” from the earliest times has variation. The inhabitants of Scotland, Ireland every four years on February 29 the girls were allowed to make a proposal of marriage pleasurable to men. Moreover, the elect had no right to just give (except when he was engaged before). If this option did not suit him, had to pay off the girls money.

to clarify whether the promises of the twenty-ninth day of February in any trouble from the point of view of astrology, correspondeNT “MK” asked the specialist in this field Nicholas Madagascar.

— For those born on 29 February there is an increased risk “to drop out of society.” These people need to rely more on their own intuition, rather than logic. At the same time they are characterized by some excessive inertia. Only under the strong pressure of circumstances, they begin to take action… And one more stroke to the portrait. Born February 29, easily captured by superstition, and it doesn’t always go to their advantage.

In the old legends and beliefs in astrological predictions can categorically not believe. But for those people who were born on February 29, is still a problem — when to celebrate his own birthday? Do every four years?! And in the absence in the calendar on February 29 where to carry a holiday with the “flickering” of the day? On February 28 or March 1?

And don’t smile, please. The problem is serious and concerned about her not so little people. According to statistics, born in Kasyanov day on the planet about 4 million (including in our country about 100 thousand).

For all of them, a German Professor Heinrich Hemme developed a special system of leap year birthdays, which provides a “middle ground” on this issue. According to the scientist, the determining factor for the “visokosnyi” whether it was during the 29 days of February they appeared.

“the Rule of Professor Hemme” reads:

If you were born on February 29 in the range from 0 to 6 hours, the birthday in non-leap years, it should be noted 28 February.

If the birth time of 6 am to 12, it should be in the first two years after a leap year to celebrate the holiday on February 28, and the third year on March 1.

If you were born in a period of 12 to 18 hours — then in the first after leap year to arrange a “jam day” on February 28 and the two following years, on March 1.

And finally, those whom the mother gave birth on February 29 “the night” — from 18 up to 24 hours, have their day to celebrate in normal years, March 1.

by the Way:

the Guinness Book of records made a very interesting achievement. A couple in Norway managed to produce three children”of visokosnyi”. And they were born on February 29 in leap years different. Well it must be for a parent to try!

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