Flemming Østergaard has received a clear message from his doctor: He should be in isolation and exercise great caution.

At the age of 76 years and on the back edge of the cancer he fought last year, is the former FCK-boss particularly vulnerable to coronavirussen.

Therefore, Flemming Østergaard, also known as Don Ø – be extra aware during these times, he says.

“I’ve had pneumonia and various other strange diseases, so I would be easy to infection. So I have isolated myself now almost in its third week,” explains Flemming Østergaard and continues:

“I’m incredibly aware, it is both my wife and I. We have been given – especially me – have strict instructions of my doctor, that we shall be at home, and that we don’t have guests for example. And it is because we are in an age where if we are hit, then we hear to those who may be hardest hit. With death to follow.”

“And it is clear, it takes you into account. At the same time, it seems all unreal. It is totally surreal,” he adds.

Though times are hard, and among other things, kræftsygdommen means, therefore, he must think carefully about insuring Flemming Østergaard, that he is of good courage.

“I have been one of the lucky ones, where the 23 radiation treatments I have gotten, they have helped so far on the cancer. I go for checks every three months and is very optimistic. So one should not write anything that I am about to die. There are others that are harder to hit than me,” he says.

exactly went erhvervsmanden in isolation 7. march at his home in Skodsborg, north of Copenhagen.

Thus he took his precautions aided by the doctor’s orders – before the authorities began to make restrictions for the population.

And now he hopes that the severity is about to be passed up for all.

“the World is hugely uncertain. What happens in the UNITED states? It becomes even worse than it was in China? It becomes worse in Spain than in Italy. No one knows it right now. It is important, therefore, to which all are crying out for, is that each of us take our precautions, for it is no joke, it here. We are dependent upon our fellow human beings do,” says Don Island.

And, precisely, the realization has scored Flemming Østergaard to look inward and regret the way he has handled the disease earlier in his life.

according to Østergaard must the doctrine of coronavirussen be, how important it is that you are home when you are sick.

“It has taught me how stupid I have been in my youth. I have never, ever been home from my work, in addition to when I was run down by a car and was in the hospital for a long time and was forced to stay at home.”

“But I did damn well at work with the flu and fever and everything. And that you can see today, how stupid you were,” says Østergaard.