Fans leading the são Paulo football clubs Corinthians, Palmeiras, são Paulo and Santos, the famous lovers of the game worldwide, came in Sunday on the main street of the city – Avenida Paulista – to Express their support for democracy. In the hands of the protesters were carrying posters “We are for democracy,” and the crowd repeatedly heard slogans against Bolsonaro.

However, on the same street with them were the supporters of the President. They went on the March with demands to open retail outlets. Balanesti always rally with the Brazilian flag. Very often he is accompanied by the flags of the key ideological allies of Bolsonaro – the United States and Israel. Increasingly, however, in Sao Paulo on such demonstrations flashed the flags of Ukraine and “Right sector”.

“I think the reason for this was the flag. According to the information that I reported to the police, the reason is that the people came with neo-Nazi flag”, – commented the Brazilian portal G-1, the Executive Secretary of the police of Sao Paulo Alvaro Camilo. He also added that he gave instructions to double-check this information.

Through the hours a fight between opponents and supporters of Bolsonaro turned into clashes with police. In the direction of the guards of law and order threw stones. In response to disperse the demonstrators police had to use firecrackers.